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Riverfront Property For Sale

British Columbia has an abundance of freshwater. Each section of the province has its own mighty river system, with waters tumbling from icy glaciers on high mountain tops, babbling its way through the creeks and brooks of the British Columbian countryside, until it joins with the world-famous rivers of the Fraser or the Thompson, the Simalkeen or the Shuswap, the Skeena or the Kechinka or hundreds of other rivers rushing their way to the Pacific Ocean. If you are looking for recreational property with riverfront access, then NIHO has the perfect property for you.

The rivers of British Columbia provide hours of recreational opportunities for you to enjoy the best of BC wilderness. If you are interested in battling the British Columbian trout, salmon, steelhead or Dolly Varden, take up your fishing rod and head out to any one of our riverfront acreages.

If you want to set sail in your boat, canoe, or kayak, the rivers running along our properties will allow you to explore our beautiful province in depth. Or, if you wish to sit back and admire the scenery along the riverfront, you may find yourself gazing at countless elk, moose, deer, and other animals who may come to the riverside for a drink, or in some cases, to catch fish for their dinner!  And consider this- when you build your perfect vacation home beside one of our rivers, you will not have to worry about fresh water to your property. It’ll be available year round.

Our inventory of riverfront real estate is quickly selling out, as people from all over the world are coming to enjoy the endless potential of the bubbling waters of British Columbia. These types of properties are becoming scarce as more and more people are looking for a peaceful retreat from the daily grind. Like our president, Rudy Nielsen, advises, “Don’t wait to buy land. Buy land and then wait!”

Located throughout British Columbia, these properties are listed according their ascending order by price. Click on any of these listings to find out more about these pieces of prime recreational real estate.

Naikoon Estates, Phase 2, Lot 2 Property #:PR15-9
This property offers you the chance to own some of the most pristine ecological land left in British Columbia. You can gaze up into the treetops on your 13.91 acres of woodland paradise or test your fishing rod against the Salmon and Steelhead from your 356 ft of riverfront on the productive Sangan River. A one of a kind opportunity!
Size:13.91 Acres Area:NorthCoast
Contact Us: sales@niho.com or 604-606-7900
Naikoon Estates, Phase 2, Lot 3 Property #:PR15-10
This 15.12 acreage on magical Haida Gwaii is your opportunity to own a private lot within Naikoon Provincial Park. Lush rainforest is divided by 356 ft of riverfront on the Sangan River, a fly-fisherman’s dream. Recreational property like this won’t be available for long.
Size:15.12 Acres Area:NorthCoast
Contact Us: sales@niho.com or 604-606-7900
Naikoon Estates, Phase 2, Lot 5 Property #:PR15-12
With 355 ft of river frontage on the spectacular Sangan River, this 16.38 acres offers you private access to the fishing that attracts repeat visitors from all over the globe. Less than a 15 minute drive to the marina at Masset and only seconds away from North Beach, this is an excellent spot for a fisherman’s get-a-way.
Size:16.38 Acres Area:NorthCoast
Contact Us: sales@niho.com or 604-606-7900
Naikoon Estates, Phase 2, Lot 4 Property #:PR15-11
Sitting at the highest elevation within Naikoon Estates, Lot 4 gives you amazing views of the surrounding countryside. Relax among the old-growth spruce or match wits with the feisty fish from the 355 ft of Sangan River frontage running through your backyard. With over 17 acres at your disposal, this is a recreational paradise.
Size:17.07 Acres Area:NorthCoast
Contact Us: sales@niho.com or 604-606-7900
Naikoon Estates, Phase 2, Lot 6 Property #:PR15-13
The largest lot in Naikoon Estates Phase II, this 30.91 acre mystical oasis offers you a home base to explore the many wonders in the area. Whether you are interested in trekking in the old-growth rainforest or using your 508 ft of riverfront on the Sangan River to reel in your dream catch, there is something for everyone.
Size:30.91 Acres Area:NorthCoast
Contact Us: sales@niho.com or 604-606-7900
Dixon Estates, Phase 2, Lot 1 Property #:PR18-PhaseII-1
This magnificent 27 acre property offers you instant access to the recreational wonders of Haida Gwaii (the Queen Charlotte Islands). Lot 1 is the largest lot in Phase 2 of our popular Dixon Estates, with over 1700 ft of private riverfront on the Chown River. Escape to Haida Gwaii!
Size:27.35 Acres Area:NorthCoast
Contact Us: sales@niho.com or 604-606-7900
Fisherman River Property #:Comox 18
Located within Cape Scott Provincial Park, this 40 acre property is bisected by the Fisherman River. Mostly covered in old growth timber, there are ample opportunities to fish, and Cape Scott Provincial Park is ideal for camping and hiking. We consider this property an excellent investment.
Size:40 acres - square in shape. Area:VancouverIsland
Contact Us: sales@niho.com or 604-606-7900
Dixon Estates, Phase 2, Lot 5 Property #:PR18-PhaseII-5
Lot 5 of Phase 2 of the Dixon Estate is one of the rarest properties in British Columbia- both ocean and river front. Wake up to the sounds of waves crashing on your private beachfront. In the afternoon, go fly fishing along the 1800 ft of Sangan River frontage. You can have it all on this 3.9 acre property!
Size:3.90 Acres Area:NorthCoast
Contact Us: sales@niho.com or 604-606-7900
Sangan Upland Property #:PR 19
This spectacular property on Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) is located within the boundaries of Naikoon Provincial Park, close to the community of Masset. With access to the excellent fly fishing of the Sangan River, and only moments from the sandy beaches along Tow Hill Road, this property would make an excellent recreational retreat.
Size:160 Acres Area:NORTHCOAST
Contact Us: sales@niho.com or 604-606-7900
Pitt Lake Acreage Property #:NW 1-7
A trophy property within the Lower Mainland! Over 700 acres located on the north end of Pitt Lake, this lakefront property has endless potential uses. The properties are fully treed in old growth timber and fronting two mountain rivers. The views are breathtaking with snowcap mountains in most directions.
Size:NW1 -132.00 acres
NW2 – 158.75 acres
NW3 – 126.34 acres
NW4- 72.70 acres
NW5 – 97.30 acres
NW6 – 52.20 acres
NW7 – 95.50 acres
Total: 734.79 Acres
Contact Us: sales@niho.com or 604-606-7900