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Property Acquisition

PA1The NIHO team has always been interested in talking with potential clients about their visions for their recreational property. While we are busy marketing and developing our current offerings, every so often we have taken a look at other interesting properties for our holdings.

Over the past 40 years, NIHO has purchased resorts, ranches, islands, subdivisions and timber holdings. Traditionally, we have focused on all types of recreational real estate, which have included rural acreages, waterfront property, and other development properties

The expert staff here at NIHO always keep an eye open for the next exciting property. We have taken the time  to discuss properties throughout British Columbia with thousands of people across the globe. If you wish to discuss your property with us,  keep in mind that information which might help increase our interest includes:

Where is your property?  The location of your property: the nearest town, the legal description and especially the PID of your property. Also, detail the access to the property, especially if there is limited road access.

How large is your property?  The size of the property.

What’s great about your property?  Any unique property features, such as ocean views or river views, whether the property is cleared or treed, waterfront property, or building sites on the property.

Are there any services to your property?  Is there power, water, or septic services at your property? Have you had a perc test or water test done on your property?

What’s the zoning on your property?  Is your property located within the ALR or Islands Trust? Are there any regulations or restrictions on your property?

Related Information. This information would include items like maps, air photos, subdivision plans, history of the area, and surveyors maps or notes. Also, a picture is worth a thousand words – perhaps forwarding photos of the property would pique our interest. We would also be curious about the background of the property. When did you purchase the property? What did you use the property for? What work have you done on this property?

What recreational opportunities are located near your property?  Are there golf courses within a short drive? Is the nearby lake or river a hotspot for fishing? How far are the nearest ski hills or trails? What Provincial Parks are nearby?

What’s your asking price?

Are you involved in a development project, and looking for a partner? While we have many developments of our own in various stages of progress, NIHO has considered potentially becoming a partner in the right joint venture project.

If you think your property is a good fit for the NIHO portfolio, please contact our sales manager at  (604) 606-7900, or e-mail us at [email protected] We look forward to discussing your dreams with you.