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Recreational Living

Propane Uses for Recreational Property and Cabins

Propane1Many of the recreational properties in BC are too far away from power lines for electricity. While we’ve discussed solar power elsewhere, another solution we champion over noisy and polluting gas generators are appliances which run on propane. Yes, the same bottles which hook up to your camping stoves and lanterns also provides you with a cheaper alternative to gas generators and solar power modules.

It is said that propane solutions offer more efficiency,

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Beach Driving – What to do when you are stuck!

Stuck1ANIHO Land & Cattle Company strongly advises that the best way to not get stuck on the beach….is not to drive there in the first place.

Things have changed since Rudy and his family made their fateful trip around Haida Gwaii . While beach driving is allowed in parts of the United States, it is frowned upon, if not outright illegal throughout British Columbia. Beach driving is restricted on the beach in White Rock,

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Fishing Report: Prince Rupert and Area

PRFishing1British Columbia’s North Coast is a fisherman’s paradise. Not only do you have opportunities for deep sea fishing in the productive waters of the Pacific Ocean, fly fishermen can set their lines for steelhead and salmon on the many productive rivers and streams in this area. Rod and reel fishermen can head towards the lakes in this area to hunt for freshwater trout. This month, NIHO takes a look at fishing conditions in the Prince Rupert to Kitimat area.

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Fishing Report – Stuart-Nechako Area

FishingStuart1The Stuart-Nechako area is one of the best kept secrets for fishing destinations in British Columbia. Those in the know head to the nearby lakes and rivers that are tucked along the scenic country roads to test their skill against the many game fish in the area. While there are not many “official” guides in this area, many locals are happy to give you the benefit of their experience. You can explore this area to find your own secret spot.

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Fishing Report – Francois Lake Area

FishingFrancois1With over 3000 miles of shoreline and hundreds of productive lakes and rivers, the Lakes District is a paradise for fishermen of all skill levels. You can cast for trout along the shoreline, head into open waters for the elusive lake char, or test your rod against the feisty steelhead in the local rivers. To adequately describe fishing in this area would take an entire website rather than one article. Therefore, NIHO will focus on two of the major lakes near Burns Lake: Tchesinkut and Francois Lake.

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Solar Power Heating Systems

Solar power has been used since the beginning of time for heating purposes. If you wanted to get warm, you could stand in the sunshine. If you wanted to heat your house, you could open the curtains. It’s really only been in the last 30-40 years that we have begun to take a look at using the heat of the sun to replace expensive fossil fuels which run noisy generators to keep your entire house warm.

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Cabin Comforts – Solar Power Electrical Systems

While we have never used solar power for electricity, we believe that the more solar power that we can use, the better it is for mankind. The days of using diesel, gasoline, coal, and other fossil fuels for power are rapidly coming to a close. Environmental concerns aside, even the best generators create some sort of background noise, and many people build their recreational retreats to escape that sort of noise, which they may hear every day in the city.

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Haida Gwaii – Fisherman’s Paradise

HaidaGwaii1By nature and definition, islands are set in and surrounded by water. Along the northern coast of British Columbia, the family of islands known as Haida Gwaii – ‘Islands of the People’ in the Haida language – is set like a huge, multi-faceted gem in the clear, cold waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Within and without – the surrounding ocean and the rivers and lakes that thread these islands – the waters of Haida Gwaii are alive with fish,

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Cabin Comforts – Geothermal Energy Solutions for Recreational Property

One source of energy for heating and cooling solutions which has been often overlooked is geothermal energy. Lately, high oil and natural gas prices have caused many people to look at incorporating the use of this sort of energy into their new houses or developments.

A geothermal energy system uses the solar energy stored beneath the earth as the main source for your heating and cooling needs. The amount of energy which is stored beneath the ground is not minimal;

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Cabin Comforts – Mini Hydro Systems

One of the hottest sectors of the recreational market is riverfront property. When considering alternative energy sources for their vacation homes, these property owners have an extra option open to them – hydro! We’re not talking about building large expensive dams on your property – micro-hydro solutions can be an inexpensive source of power.

While there are many types of turbines for the different types of water sources that you may have on your property,

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