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Guenther Sandl, Salt Spring Island, BC

“I have been looking to buy some remote recreational land, preferably lakefront for a long time. After monitoring the NIHO website and various others for some time we found the perfect spot and bought after a personal visit to the property.

My experience is that the best selection of recreational land in BC can be found with NIHO Land & Cattle Company.

On top of that their service is outstanding and friendly and the transaction went fast and smooth. NIHO staff know their business and are absolute experts in the field of recreational land sales. I would certainly do business with them again.”

Nora & Brian Gale, New Westminster, BC

“Me and my husband just bought a waterfront property at the Noralee Estates. We were there recently and it is so awesome. The view is breathtaking. The nice thing about it was how easy it is to deal with Niho Land & Cattle. Dealing with Walter, the sales manager, was great as he is an easy going person. We will most definitely deal with Niho again in the near future.”

T & T Holland, Fort McMurray, AB

We recently purchased a lot at the Noralee Resort on Francois Lake. It was a dream come true to own a piece of paradise – especially with so much history that hits close to home. When I read the ad in our local paper advertising lots for sale on Francoise Lake I couldn’t wait to contact Niho Land & Cattle Company. Since I was born in that area and our family continues to go back summer after summer to enjoy the pristine waters and scenery, just the thought of getting a chance to buy a lot sent me into a frenzy. We contacted Niho and Walter Aguilar was quick to respond with professionalism and the guidance we needed to select the right lot for us.

Walter’s down-to-earth personality and candid discussions left us feeling like we were family. He made it so easy to complete the transaction and we are so happy we made that phone call! Thank-you Walter and to everyone at Niho – we definitely will be forwarding our recommendations to check out your web-site to our friends and family.”

Jeffrey G. Stryker, Hong Kong

“As an overseas buyer of Central B.C. land, Walter and the NIHO team were able to give us prompt and clear answers to our questions. The transaction occurred without any issues at all, and they outlined the process for us from the start. They are very focused on customer service and making sure that your interests are taken care of. We look forward to someday building our log home along the banks of Lake Francois.”

Geordie Hilton and Sigrid Tveita, Prince Rupert, BC

“We had been looking at a number of different websites for property and the one with the most detailed information and easiest layout was NIHO. We took a drive to a few properties and again NIHO had a great billboard on the whole development area and small signs for each property with the layout of the land described. When we picked a property and called NIHO it was pleasant speaking with Walter, he made the whole process simple and straight forward. One of things we have enjoyed is the follow up contact we have had with NIHO, months after the transaction was completed.

Thank-you, Walter and NIHO.”

John Johnson, Massett, BC

“Growing up in the city of Toronto, I dreamed one day of owning beachfront property— in the year 2006, thanks to NIHO, my dream became reality.

Buying four acres on the beautiful and majestic Queen Charlotte Islands was a giant step for me and my family to take. Throughout the process, Walter Aguilar, the main facilitator, was there for us from start to finish. He patiently answered all of our questions, even using an analogy from his salsa dancing classes that demonstrated his sensible and down-to-earth character.

In addition, both Rudy Nielsen and Walter Aguilar demonstrated professionalism, respect and honesty.

On behalf of me and my family, thank you, Rudy, for having such a wonderful person as Walter on your team (Walter, you are amazing). And Rudy Nielsen and NIHO, thank you for helping us to make our dream come true.”

Rheal & Theresa Collette, Calgary, AB

“I must say that purchasing land in B.C. was a dream that I had for many years. I honestly thought that it would never come to fruition. However, once I found your website and the lots at Thomson River Estates, my dream started to solidify. The whole buying process from start to finish was a lot of fun. Cumulatively, we spent numerous hours talking about the property and negotiating an excellent, mutually fair deal. You were excellent in answering all my questions and addressing all my concerns. Thank you very much for all your help and expertise.”

Julio Lecca & Ulysses Torres, Richmond, BC

“Our experience with Niho, especially with Walter Aguilar is something that we can never forget. My friend and I had little to no experience on buying land, but our questions were always answered in an understandable and professional manner. He went beyond his required duty by making sure we, his clients, felt comfortable through the entire buying process. We are very thankful to Walter and Niho for this.”

Rex & Karin Marshall, Osoyoos, BC

“I found Walt to always be very professional to deal with. Assistance was forthcoming in a timely and accurate fashion. Even after the purchase was completed, I found Walter anxious to provide answers to all questions I had. I would not hesitate to recommend the firm and Walter.”

Alice Fei, Vancouver, BC

“Our purchase experience from Niho (represented by Walter) was an excellent one. Our family has been active in real estate for close to 20 years and have always liked to use realtors who specialize in a particular market niche. But this time things were different….. there was no buyer’s agent representing us. Evaluating credibility and establishing trust have been an important part of our purchasing experience and Walter passed with flying colours. He was consistently patient, honest, straightforward and reliable in getting all our questions answered, and most important of all, he made the bidding procedures transparent and effortless for us to follow.

Now beyond knowing you better, we have gained deeper understanding to the way Niho does business. We thank you for sharing the opportunity with us and hope to do business with you again in the near future.”

Joel Wein, Cooper City, FL

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for your time and energy with helping me purchase the right property from the Niho Land and Cattle Company LTD. Our combined efforts will complement the limitless creative inspirations that will visit British Columbia in these many coming years. Walt Aguilar’s complete understanding of all my needs and requirements were well focused and without flaw, demonstrating his exemplary and consistent facilitation of communication. Rudy Nielsen’s visionary courage and clear-thinking approach has become my motivational role model for life. I feel as though I have made two new friends and colleagues that I will know and share many new adventures with in the future. Thank you both again for your expert assistance and professionalism.

I look forward to my next purchase from the Niho Land and Cattle Company.

P.S. My next property needs a waterfall… “

Chuck Sanders, Lake Shawnigan, BC

“I dealt with NIHO on my purchase at the Thompson River Estates. They made the process easy to understand, put me at ease, and their openness and honesty throughout the process reassured me that I was fully informed about my property and dealing with professionals.”

Debbie Beemer, Masset, BC

“This past summer of 2005 I had the exciting opportunity to bid on my “dream property”, a piece of land with a view of the ocean. During the negotiation process I had the pleasure of dealing with Walter Aguilar at the Niho offices. All of my dealings and phone calls with Walter, and there were many, were always handled in a helpful and professional manner. Walter always insisted he’s wasn’t a salesman – “I’m a facilitator” – and I’d have to agree, I never felt pressured or hassled. He provided advice, information sources and moral support through it all, I feel as though I’ve made a new friend with the deal. Thank you Walter and Niho, for making my dream come true.”

Wendy O’Bourne, Abbotsford, BC

” We recently purchased [a lot] at Thompson River Estates and we would like to thank Walter for his assistance and the helpful information he provided to us.  Kamloops semi-arid climate and its beautiful landscape is what attracted us to the area. We began our search for the right property in the Okanagan Lake area, but found Kamloops to be exactly what we were looking for.

The history of Walhachin, the development of Kamloops-On-The-Lake, and the numerous recreational activities in the area made Thompson River Estates an easy choice for us when it came time to purchase our first piece of property.

We look forward to enjoying our property recreationally at first, and plan on relocating year-round in the next few years.

Once again, thank you Walter, Rudy, and Niho Land & Cattle Company for the first class service you have provided to us.”

Larry & Darlene Elchuk, Garabaldi Islands, BC

“Thanks for processing the purchase of our property in the Thompson River Estates in a timely and courteous manner. Your company bargained in good faith, which eliminated most of the tension associated with this acquisition. “

Leonard Grossman, Toronto, ON

“Thank you for the excellent job you did on selling me that beautiful five acres of land on Thompson River Estates. You got me the best size lot for myself at a good price, and I’m very satisfied. You’re an excellent salesman.”

Glen & Val Scheer, Kamloops, BC

“We wanted to write and tell you how appreciative we are of the help and guidance you gave us during our acquisition of lot 90 at Thompson River Estates. The whole experience went so smoothly and quickly that before we knew it we were able to move forward with our own plans to build and realize our dream of retiring in an area of B.C. that we love. It truly was a pleasure dealing with you…Thank you.”

Evan Breton, Fernie, BC

“The month long process of attaining my property was made much more simple with the support of Walter and Niho. Things ran smoothly throughout all processes, and information was always readily available. With many years of experience in land sales, Walter and Niho were able to answer all my questions and confidently gave advice to allow for a much more easy transaction. Thank you Walter and Niho, finally a new land owner!”

Marc & Sue Chrzan, Port Perry, ON

“Thanks for making our recent purchase at Thompson River Estates such an enjoyable event. Your professionalism and helpfulness was much appreciated and we would recommend Niho Land and Cattle Company to anyone who, like us, is looking for that special property in the country.”

Dawna Jones, Vancouver, BC

“There was a time in business when a handshake went with integrity of character and an honest and fair deal. Working with Walt and Rudy take you back to those times and bring long trusted values into a contemporary business. It was an absolute pleasure initiating a business relationship with you. My daughter is now working on her business plan for a campground on our property. There is no question that I will turn to NIHO once more when I make my next property investment. Thank you!”

Bob Whitehead, Vancouver, BC

I would like to send a note of appreciation for your kind and attentive help during the last few months. Thank you for showing your concern about my lively-hood and providing me with different purchase possibilities and staying the course with me. I just want to ensure you that I would recommend you as a good partner in business”

Joanne David, Edmonton, AB

“I recently purchased a 10 acre lot in the Cluculz Lake area from Niho Land & Cattle Company Ltd., represented by Walter Aguilar. Walter’s assistance was extremely helpful with answering site specific questions, providing unbiased information, and in initiating important follow up calls, all of which contributed to a smooth and successful land purchase transaction. Walter was a pleasure to deal with and I look forward to possible future land purchases.”

Wayne F.M. Linehan, Victoria, BC

“I just wanted to Thank You for making it possible for me to complete, yet another personal goal of mine. And that was to purchase some substantial acreage in preparation for my retirement in a few years. I’m looking forward to spending time upon the land and enjoying all the changes and challenges it will bring.

Although, I had spent the last 2 years researching the Net for Land potentials, and even spent 9 days this August travelling throughout British Columbia, it was through your Honesty, consistent Communication, and detailed Knowledge of your Lands, that enabled me to easily make the right decision for me. And I did, I purchased both the Red Rock parcel outside Prince George, and the Blair Meadows outside Vanderhoof. Both are great parcels of land with much potential to personally enjoy, run an adventure business, or even for a good investment.

Additionally, it was through your assistance and knowledge of the Legality flow and paper trail, that I was able to coordinate the Bank and Lawyer in ensuring that everyone done their part in a timely manner, meeting the contractual deadline.

A special Thank You for being flexable on your Contractual deadlines, being understanding with some of the challenges with the Bank, and above all not only making my dream come true, but for making it come true much sooner than anticipated.”

Ken & Barb Veillette, 108 Mile Ranch, BC

“In our search for a retirement property, we found ourselves returning to Thompson River Estates and looking at the well marked properties, with the maps clearly showing the dimensions and boundaries. One Sunday, we phoned NIHO and left a message for them to call. Walter called the next morning and sent us the information we requested. Within 10 days of our phone call we had made a deal, we are very happy with. All our questions have been answered in a friendly and courteous manner. We look forward to building our retirement home overlooking the beautiful Thompson Valley.”

Glenn F. Koch, Surrey BC

“I recently purchased Lot 3 on Cluculz lake. The lot is a 1 acre lake front property. I found that while dealing with Mr. Walter Aguilar, who is the agent for Niho that the process of the purchase went smoothly and in a timely manner. All of my questions were answered fully and in a satisfactory manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Niho to anyone who is contemplating the purchase of property in the interior of British Colombia to contact Niho. They are not only a real pleasure to deal with but they have a large inventory of available land for sale.”

Drew Bliss & Linda Mullin, Fort McMurray, AB

“We would like to thank you so much for all your help and consideration in helping us with purchasing the property at Shannon Creek. The information you provided, your assistance and your input were invaluable in guiding us in the direction necessary to making the purchase possible.”

Colleen Birnie, Powell River, B.C.

“I want to let you know how much I appreciated the friendly, helpful chat we had on the phone. It great to speak to a “real estate person” that is really human. Just got to tell you how impressed I am with the great customer service that both NIHO and Landquest provide, and I am not even a customer yet! What a friendly, helpful bunch of people. The prospect of selling my home is tough, but you sure helped me feel more positive than I did before.

Joanne called and emailed, and the whole bunch of you really do make a person feel special. Thanks so much, and no matter what, you can be sure I will pass your name along.”

Dr. Charles L. Hanson & Family, MN, USA.

“Thank you so much for the kindness and personal attention you have shown my family during our search for and eventual purchase of an investment/retirement parcel in beautiful British Columbia. From the beginning, we were impressed with the quality and quantity of your land holdings, the pristine condition in which we found them and the unflagging sincerity and hospitality you show to prospective clients.

Initially, I approached our potential real estate purchase with the same guarded nature in which most people approach a large commercial transaction. However, the professionalism, courtesy and obvious concern that you showed my family placed us at ease almost immediately. After having spoken with both of you several times now, I feel as if we have known each other for a great deal of time and have come to consider you good family friends. I really have especially enjoyed the conversations with Rudy and his tips on hunting, fishing and other recreational opportunities in the area of our purchase. Although retirement is some time off for us, the enthusiasm for the area, which Rudy conveys, has me nearly ready to pack everything today and head up to our gorgeous island retreat.

Again, thank you for all the help and guidance you have provided to us. You have really made our first major real estate purchase/investment stress-free and enjoyable. We look forward to visiting with you again and will have to look you up when we are in the area.”

A. Davies, Vancouver B.C. Canada.

“My introduction to Niho was the best thing that happened to me last year. It was the start of a dream come true for my son Kion and me. As a single parent, I used to joke about having to move to the Yukon before we could afford to own any kind of property whatsoever. But after seeing the Niho catalogue, there was even a choice for us, and we made our first move by buying “sight unseen” a double lot in the Kootenays”.

Mike and Suzie Kotiza Vienna, Austria.

“My wife and I would like to offer you our sincere thanks for your assistance in helping us purchase a piece of “beautiful British Columbia”. We are planning on making another trip there to buy another piece of property, probably again in the Prince George area. We will be in to see your new catalogue and visit with you. Again, thank you very much.

Shannon Rae, Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

“I have enjoyed my dealings with Niho from day one! My dream property has always been an island, and when I saw the picture of the island on my screen from Niho’s web site, I knew I had to have it! Beverley was my first contact at Niho and she was so pleasant and easy to deal with, it made my initial purchase a very enjoyable experience. Rudy himself came in and talked to me about my new property. I then purchased a second piece of land, which I ended up trading for my “mountain retreat” property where I will build my dream cabin with my own trees! Niho was certainly true to their advertising when they allowed me to “trade-in” my untreed land for an old growth forest. When I tell this to people, they are amazed that a real estate company is that flexible. I recommend that anyone even considering purchasing recreational land should first drop by Niho’s offices and see for themselves how neat this company is. Their offices reflect their love of raw land and little cabins, and the feeling you get when you walk in is that it feels right to be dealing with these people. I’ve purchased three properties from them, traded one, and who knows what I’ll see in their catalogue this year?”

Ken and Sandra Brook, Zaballos, B.C. Canada.

“Thank you Niho for helping us find land for investment. We had never purchased land before and were looking for somewhere to invest money from the sale of a house. Your advertisements caught our eyes, especially as some of the prices were within our range. We are very pleased with the 34 acres we bought at Southbank. In fact, we received an offer well over the original price about three months after we purchased.”

Jacquie Connor, Washington, U.S.A.

“Thank you Niho, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me the opportunity own recreational land. Originally I bought for an investment, but I have fallen in love with my beautiful lakefront lot and now I plan to keep it! In time I shall pass it on to my children. You made it all possible!”

W. Fletcher Codrington, Ontario, Canada.

“Last year I purchased two Nashville lots, sight unseen, because they sounded like too good a deal to pass up. I flew out to B.C. and drove to the Kootenays, half expecting to find my land under water. What I found was a beautifully treed piece of land, with a gorgeous site for a cabin right next to the Kaslo River. There’s rugged mountain peaks in every direction and the glacier fed river is the clearest water I’ve ever seen. Now I wish that I’d bought more than two. I know I could double my money if I sold them right now!”

Jane, Nigel, Jessica and Chris Hummel, Canada.

“We are the happy owners of two pieces of land purchased from Niho. Looking back, we always have the best memories of our search. When we first started looking at land to buy, our intent was to find a large acreage that we could eventually ‘homestead’. We traveled all over BC in our van. We had so much fun exploring and finding the pieces that Niho had for sale. It was so easy with the detailed descriptions. We finally settled on a nice quarter section east of Prince George. We spent the whole summer camping on the land and by fall we had a small cabin built. When a 7 acre parcel just 4 miles down the river from our quarter section came up for sale, we scooped that from Niho too. NIHO made our dreams of owning land as easy as deciding what to buy for dinner. Just decide what you like and go shopping. It’s fun!”

James Shaw, New Westminster, B.C. Canada.

“I’m sure glad I came to your company when I decided to invest some money in recreational land. With your help and guidance, I made the right choices when it came to deciding which properties to purchase. I was able to sell the four lots I purchased in Nashville, B.C. wihin one year, for profit! Now I can comfortably keep the lot I bought in Stuart Lake for myself, to enjoy. Thanks Niho for adding some simplicity to an otherwise confusing market”.

Ernie, Jennifer and Brook MacAulay, Shawnigan Lake, B.C. Canada.

“For many years it has been our dream to own rural recreational acreage. It was only through Niho’s financial services were we able to realize this dream. Niho is unique in it’s ability to offer property and to assist by carrying the mortgage, thus making it affordable to us. We were delighted to find property in beautiful surroundings, applicable to our wants and needs. The relationship established by Niho with us has been more than exemplary. Our agent Beverley, has made us feel more like a family friend than a customer. We have high praise and appreciation for her and for all the great people at Niho”.

Ray Griffith, Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

“I really appreciate receiving your newsletter. It is refreshing reading all the interesting articles while we are surrounded by all the negative news on TV and the newspapers. Keep up the good work. Your family has the right approach giving people a chance to own a piece of the best real estate in North America.”

Mike Anderson, Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

“I bought two pieces of property from Niho: I am very pleased with both of them and plan to purchase more in the future. Niho is, in my opinion, a very good place to put your money, as you have both affordable properties for people who are just getting started, as well as more valuable properties for the distinguished buyer. Everyone at Niho was very nice to me, and your easy payment plan suited my financial situation. All in all, I am very happy with your company and the way you do business.”

John Adam, Langley, B.C. Canada.

“Anticipating our retirement, we bought from Niho a piece of property at Cluculz Lake, where we plan to build a recreational home. Although we are not on the shore of the lake, we have a nice view from our lot. The wildlife abounds and the peace and quiet appeal to both of us. I also have an interest in astronomy and anticipate a few nights a year of pollution-free sky watching. We found just what we were looking for… thank you Niho.”

B. & D. Wadella, Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

“As a young couple, we wanted to buy recreational property so we could have a getaway, to enjoy now, and when we have a family. Niho was very helpful to us in finding the right piece of property… your staff really wanted to find the right buy for us. We were happy to learn that you had a good financing program, and it saved us a lot of time and trouble. We would highly recommend purchasing property through Niho”.

Paul Madaire, Coquitlam, B.C. Canada

“Recently I purchased one half of a city block in Kaslo, British Columbia from Niho, entirely for investment purposes. I had been thinking about investing in land for some time, but didn’t really know where to start looking for that ‘good deal’, until a friend told me about you. I received a catalog and asked to be put on your mailing list. After studying the summer catalog I requested more information. The information provided was complete and concise and enabled me to make an educated decision. I am definitely satisfied with my investment, and intend to purchase additional properties from Niho in the future.”

I & C. Reed, Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

“We had been looking at recreational land for quite a while but never took the chance, until recently. We purchased our property without even viewing it, and were extremely happy when we finally did! It was everything described to us, and more! We will definitely look to Niho first, in the future.”

V & M Cumming, Surrey, B.C. Canada.

“We visited our “Cluculz Lake Estate” again this summer and found it even more beautiful than we remembered. We wish we’d bought 3 or 4 lots while we had the chance. Lakefront lots never stay on the market for long!”

William Briere, Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

“I would like to thank everyone at Niho, especially Beverley, for giving me the opportunity to own a 10 acre recreational property. It is a very beautiful place. I will definitely recommend Niho to my friends and suggest they have a look at your catalogue”.

G. Marx, Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

“Have you ever thought of whispering pines, of standing on a grassy plain, listening to the silence? I did. Pictures of wide open spaces haunted me. I had no idea how to make my dreams become a reality until I came across Niho, by sheer luck. It was good luck, because it never occurred to me that I could become an owner of land. At Niho you really know what you are doing… you tell it like it is. I found your staff to be friendly people, who were helpful and willing to be patient with my lack of knowledge. I am now the owner of five acres of attractive private property. I live in a 700 sq. ft. apartment in the city, but I now have ‘a place’. A place where I can stand in the quietness and solitude of semi-wilderness and not worry about someone coming around telling me I have to move. I will continue to recommend Niho to people who want more than endless city stress. I love Niho for helping me to live my dream.”