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Can I build a house on my new property?

Please note, if you are leasing a property from NIHO, you may not alter the property in any way, during the lease period, without first receiving written consent from Niho Land & Cattle Company Ltd.

Before building on your property, please check the zoning on your property to make sure what you wish to build is allowed in your zoning.  Make certain your property is not in the ALR or FLR, as these zonings strictly limit what may or may not be built on a property.

A vacation home can be covered under a special homeowners policy. These policies provide coverage for the dwelling, other structures, contents, loss of use, liability and medical payments. You may want to contact a local insurer about Seasonal Insurance for your property.

If you are interested in constructing a log home, there are many log home constructors throughout British Columbia, who will be able to review your situation, and suggest an appropriate log home.

Do you have any other questions related to house building? Click here to contact a NIHO Land specialist for more answers.