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How much rain does BC get?

The climate of British Columbia varies greatly, influenced by latitude, the province’s mountainous topography and distance from the Pacific Ocean. This diversity causes wide variations in average hours of sunshine, rainfall, snow and temperatures, sometimes over remarkably short distances.

For example, the average yearly precipitation in White Rock, a small community just south of Vancouver, is 1,092 millimetres (43 inches). Less than 50 kilometres (30 miles) away in North Vancouver, the North Shore mountains force clouds to rise and release their moisture,

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Can I drink BC water?

You can get natural freshwater access on a property through several different sources. You can get water from lakes, rivers, and creeks on your property.

It is strongly suggested that you disinfect water from BC’s lakes, rivers, creek, and shallow wells.

Drinking water is disinfected to kill disease-causing micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses and parasites) which may be in it.

Many different diseases are spread by drinking water contaminated by micro-organisms,

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