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Kitsault – Taking a New Direction

The Real Estate Guide, Susan M. Boyce, Feb 25-March 11, 2005

LandQuest Realty has sold Kitsault!

Psst. Wanna  buy a town? Yeah, that’s right. A whole town. You know: houses, stores, library, restaurant, rec centres, school. A whole town.

Sure, it’s not every day that an entire town goes up for sale, but that’s exactly what’s happening in Kitsault, British Columbia- and at an asking price of only $7 million, it’s a deal. Located just 500 air miles north of Vancouver, Kitsault was once a thriving community until, in response to plummeting prices, the American mining company which owned Kitsault closed its nearby molybdenum mine. Residents in search of employment soon fled the community, and now only a single caretaker and his family remain on site to share the spectacular scenery of this coastal wonderland with the local bears and a family of foxes.

“This is absolutely a one-of-a-kind setting,” says Rudy Nielsen, president of NIHO Land & Cattle Company which acted as a consultant on the town. “Kitsault is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and sits on the edge of a fjord with a wide expanse of waterfront. The fjord is sheltered, crystal clear, and of the rich aquamarine colour found nowhere except in glacier fed waters.”

As an outdoor destination, Kitsault is tough to beat. Hiking, camping, mountain climbing, skiing- it’s all there to be enjoyed amid miles and mile of virgin, old-growth forest. “The mine was restored to its natural state when the mining company left,” Rudy explains. “So the area is once again completely unblemished.” He adds that there are nine creeks and rivers plus hundreds of streams within a mile of the town making this one of the province’s great fishing destinations.


In the town itself, buildings and amenities are in good condition overall, many apparently just waiting for people to once again step inside. Kitsault comes with 93 single-family and duplex homes plus seven apartment buildings with a total of 210 bachelor, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom suites.

There is a 22,000 square foot shopping centre which requires minimal upgrading to once again house a grocery store, restaurant, liquor store, post office, and speciality shops. Not one, but two recreation centres provide a wide range of sports and social activities including swimming, curling, a performance stage, a pub, and three playgrounds. The Kitsault General Hospital is fully equipped with X-ray diagnostic equipment, ambulance bay, stretcher access ramp, and evaluation room.

Ever aware of maintaining Kitsault’s natural beauty, both builder and architect designed the town with underground utilities, extensive landscaping, and careful attention to details such as curbs and pavement.

“The potential uses of Kitsault are virtually limitless,” Rudy says. “It could be revitalized as a destination resort or vacation retreat. A buyer could subdivide the property and sell stratified luxury recreation homes. The town is in a deep sea port, so if you brought in local artisan, performers, and restauranteurs and then developed a selection of boutiques and art galleries, you’ve got the makings of a thriving cruise ship facility. With a little TLC, anything is possible here.”


Kitsault’s beauty has already been documented once in the popular Wings Over Canada series seen on Broadcast TV via PBS, the Canadian Learning Channel, and direct cable through Shaw and Rogers. Produced in the year 2000, it remains the most watched and requested show in the entire series, so it’s not surprising that Kitsault is about to take centre stage again. This time, host John Lovelace and his film crew will focus on Rudy and his extensive history in BC’s real estate industry, however what more perfect place for the final scenes than Kitsault.