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Market Consulting

If you have decided to sell your property, let NIHO’s team apply its range of in-depth market knowledge and analytical resources to the assessment, market analysis, marketing strategy, or creation of marketing collateral for your project. Whether you’re a property owner, private company, or realtor, NIHO’s marketing consulting services can help you realize the full potential of the property. NIHO’s experienced team can help you estimate market value, analyze the market environment, design an effective targeted marketing strategy, and develop professional looking marketing collateral to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign. Working with the NIHO staff, you can pick and choose the various market consulting services that best suit your needs.

Market Value: The first step in any marketing campaign is estimating the value of the property. Selling too low leaves hard earned cash on the table, but asking too much generates low interest and no leads. Knowing a realistic market value and understanding the characteristics of your regional market can make the difference between finding a buyer or not.Estimating the value of large or unique rural property can be a daunting task. Unlike valuating residential homes where sales of similar properties in similar neighborhoods are generally plentiful, many of the larger and exclusive rural properties in BC are unique in their value characteristics and have very limited direct comparable sales available.

Estimating market value for these specialized rural properties takes in-depth research and specialized expertise. Rudy Nielsen has been valuing rural land for over 40 years. He was a licensed realtor from 1964-1984, and has been a professional appraiser since 1972. During his career he has appraised ranches, farms, islands, and both commercial and industrial properties, and in 1990, he valuated the 500,000 acre Douglas Lake Ranch for a client. Through NIHO he has personally bought and sold over 1,000 of his own rural properties in BC (many being unique trophy properties) and he is generally known as one of the top experts in BC for rural and recreational property.

Landcor Data Corporation, part of the NIHO Group of Companies, has detailed records and sales data on every property in British Columbia. Through Landcor, NIHO has the ability to compile powerful and detailed market searches and analysis showing recent sales, property attributes, and market trends, for any property in the province.

NIHO Market Consulting can help you estimate market value for those unique and hard to value projects.

Market Analysis and Strategy: All good marketers know that in order to develop an effective marketing strategy you need to first understand the market.Landcor Data Corp, part of the NIHO Group of Companies has detailed property records and sales data on every property in British Columbia. By using the unique characteristics of your property, NIHO has the ability to compile powerful and detailed market searches and generate analysis showing recent comparable sales and market trends for any property in the province.

By utilizing Landcor Data Corporation to identify relevant recently sold properties, NIHO can determine the originating location of all similar purchasers and create an advanced market data segmentation strategy to identify potential sources of buyers for your property. By augmenting sales and market trend data with demographic information, NIHO can identify target geographic markets using demographic variables like location, age, income, interests, and hobbies.

Using this advanced methodology NIHO Land Consulting can create a target market strategy for a fraction of the usual cost. No one else in the market can access and analyze real estate data in a similar manner.

NIHO Market Consulting can develop a complete marketing strategy and communication plan which will give the exposure necessary to move the property in a timely manner. Services included could be identification of target markets, recommendation on how to best prepare this property for market and what features to emphasize in the marketing strategy, and/or recommended channels for reaching the target market.Let NIHO’s Market Consulting services help you with your marketing strategy. Contact us for more information.

*Note that we do not offer any brokerage or sales services. While we can advise and assist you on how to maximize the marketing of a property, the final execution of the strategy and the sales process needs to be carried out by either a landowner directly or by a licensed realtor. If you are a landowner and need assistance in finding a licensed realtor we can refer you to an appropriate representative for your property.