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What is a subdivision?

A subdivision is a larger parcel of land, usually several acres, which can be subdivided into a number of residential building lots, is also considered a commercial activity, as it is done as a business, the business being the development and subsequent marketing of the land for profit.

There are five types of subdivisions in British Columbia. Fee Simple is a land estate in which the owner is entitled to the entire property. A Strata is a development where fee simple land is divided into multiple units, with all owners having the right to use common elements, but separate ownership is restricted to the indvidual units.  Cooperative Corporation refers to a company share method of land ownership, which is permissible under the Real Estate Act. Leases are considered subdivisions if it is for more than 3 years, or has an option to extend the lease for more than 3 years. Finally, Indian Reserve land falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government, unless it conforms to Part 254 of the Land Title Act.

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