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Nielsen Says Research is the Key

James Risdon, Real Estate News, March 21,  1995

Here’s a quick summary of how to buy recreational land, boiled down from a talk by Rudy Nielsen, president of NIHO Land & Cattle.

Nielsen, one of the biggest buyers and sellers of vacant land in BC, says only 40 percent of his money is spent on buying land: the rest is sunk into research to make sure he buys the right land.

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The Great Land Rush

The Vancouver Sun, June 17, 1995

The foyer looks like a Cariboo bunkhouse: leather chairs, a Stetson hanging from a steer’s horn, cowhides tacked to the wall and horseshoes for doorhandles.

It is from here at the 6th Street offices of NIHO Land & Cattle Company in New Westminster, that Rudy Nielsen runs his empire like some shrewd cattle baron from the 1880’s.

But don’t be fooled by the rustic entrance and the blue jeans- out back is a set of computer,

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Just a Country Boy at Heart

B.C. Ultimate Guide to Buying & Selling, March 1995

When you walk into the offices of the Niho Land and Cattle Company, it’s easy to believe you’ve slipped back to earlier times in British Columbia.

Cattle skulls, guns, knives, frontier pictures and paintings displayed on barnboard walls might not be the norm in real estate office décor but then Rudy Nielsen isn’t exactly your run-of-the-mill guy. When he and his commercial real estate business went belly up in the late 1970’s,

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Nielsen Caters to Urban Cowboys

James Risdon, Business in Vancouver, 1995

Urban cowboys are snatching up ranchland within a five-hour drive of Vancouver.

Waiting to sell it to them is Rudy Nielsen, the land developer who heads New Westminster-based NIHO Land & Cattle Company Ltd. and LandQuest Realty Corp.

In some cases, the urbanites who head for the hills take their role playing very seriously.

“I know a group of guys who have this land and a trailer on it and every Friday night they leave and put on red shirts,

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