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The Cost of Privacy

Chad Skelton, The Vancouver Sun, October 6, 2001

Growing up, Marian Churchill loved to listen to her parents tell her stories about “the family’s islands.” The idea that a poor family in Nanaimo owned its very own islands — two, no less — added a touch of magic to the life of a young girl in the 1950s. “I wondered why we weren’t King and Queen, because we owned an island,”

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Fantasy Islands

Talk Magazine, August 2001

It may be some distance from Walden Pond, but KASSAN ISLAND, on Stuart Lake in central British columbia, would have suited Thoreau to a T. The 0.3 acre rock formation even boasts the requisite one-room cabin nestled amid 30-foot pines. And it’s a safe 10 miles from Fort Saint James (population 2,000), which has all the basic small-town amenities – plus a sailing club. Available from NIHO Land &

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Whistler is Next Stop for Whistle Poke Railway

Steve Berry, The Vancouver Province, June 20, 2001

Doug Blamey is president of the Whistle Punk Railway. It’s a railway built on little more than a dream – there’s no track, no rolling stock, no rights of way.

But what a dream.

The Maple Ridge man is proposing to build a rail line from Pitt Meadows to Whistler. And he’s advancing one small step at a time.

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Imagine Yourself on an Island?

Mark Lamey, The Montreal Gazette, May 11, 2001

William Blomstrom, a Toronto ad man, is the brains behind, a Web site that markets island real-estate all over the world. Are you looking for an Italian idyll or a Greek getaway? Then this is the place to start.

His site features 162 island retreats in places as exotic as Oceania or as homey as Georgian Bay. He even has two Quebec properties listed.

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