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Numbers put to rest fears Albertans are buying up B.C.

Gary Lamphier , The Edmonton Journal,  May 30, 2006

West Coast developers regularly target Alberta real estate buyers through splashy newspaper and TV ads as well as glitzy brochures.

There’s no mystery why. Thousands of Albertans dream of retiring one day to the mild climes of places like Victoria, Kelowna or Parksville. And with Alberta’s economy booming, many have the bucks to do so.

In particular areas of B.C.

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Real Estate Realities

Cottage Magazine,  May/June 2006

It’s a cornerstone of economics, really: when demand outstrips supply, prices go up and up. And up. This maxim is particularly true of recreational property, where demand is driven by a generation with unprecedented affluence. According to Landcor, a subsidiary of the Niho group of companies, whose business it is to analyze the real estate market in British Columbia, only six per cent of the province’s land area is privately titled.

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Awash in oil wealth, Albertans snapping up B.C. properties

Derrick Penner, National Post,  May 17, 2006

Oil-rich Albertans love British Columbia’s waterfront cabins, ski chalets and resort condominiums.

Albertans were the biggest out-of-province buyers of B.C. real estate in 2005, snapping up 2.4% of all properties sold and helping push up property values in prime locations.

Data compiled by the research firm Landcor Data Corporation show that Albertans bought 4,320 properties, including 1.329 single-family homes, 

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Albertans drive up real estate prices

Derrick Penner, Vancouver Sun,  May 17, 2006

Albertans love British Columbia’s waterfront cabins, ski chalets and resort condominiums.

And with oil wealth filling their coffers, our neighbours went on a real estate shopping spree in 2005, snapping up 4,320 B.C. properties worth almost $1.2 billion, making them the biggest out-of-province influence on many markets.

The real estate research firm Landcor compiled the data on who is buying in B.C.,

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Already pricey homes leap in assessed value

Derrick Penner, Vancouver Sun,  January 5, 2006

When you can afford to buy a house along the waterfront in West Vancouver, or in the tonier parts of Vancouver’s Shaughnessy, or Whistler, you are rich.

Some of the people who already live in these areas are a little richer now, on paper at least, as the assessed value of their homes climbed by between 6.84 per cent and as much as 32.27 per cent during 2005.

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Whister bucks B.C. trend of rising house, condo values

Chad Skeleton, Vancouver Sun,  January 4, 2006

Whistler homeowners saw the average value of their homes drop last year — making it one of the few places in the province to see property values decline in 2005, according to figures released by BC Assessment Tuesday.

An analysis of assessment figures by Landcor Data Corp. indicates the average single-family home in B.C. increased in value by 18.8 per cent over the past year,

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Vander Zalm selling quiet retreat to top bidder

Derrick Penner, Vancouver Sun,  December 6. 2005

Former premier Bill Vander Zalm owns a lakefront acreage near 100 Mile House that boasts peace and quiet, water views, forest shade and riding trails. Thursday, he’ll hand it over to the highest bidder.

Vander Zalm, in an interview, said he took over the 34-hectare parcel on Tatton Lake, north of 100 Mile House, in the late 1970s as partial payment for a business deal,

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