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Property values along Canada Line may spike, report says

Kerry Gold, Special to The Globe and Mail, August 29, 2008

VANCOUVER — Big parts of Vancouver are grousing about the Canada Line, and much of the Lower Mainland is fretting about real estate prices – except for those with property along the Canada Line.

Construction of the new light-transit line could give a big boost to the value of real estate along its flanks, says a report by Landcor Data Corp.,

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Line land could be lucrative

Alan Campbell, Richmond News, August 22, 2008

Investing in real estate within 500 metres of three of Richmond’s new Canada Line stations could spark a cash bonanza.

A report released this week by real estate experts Landcor Data Corporation predicts it might take a few years for property values to increase substantially.

But the report adds that Richmond’s current plans for urban villages near the stations makes the city more prepared than anywhere along the line for the arrival of the Canada Line.

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Canada Line a spur to residential growth: report

Derrick Penner, Vancouver Sun, August 21, 2008

History suggests the Canada Line rapid transit corridor could spur a post-2010 Olympics residential growth spurt around its stations for decades after the Games, according to a research report released this week.

It is the patterns of development that sprouted around SkyTrain’s Expo Line that also point to the Canada Line’s potential, Landcor Data Corp. said in its report.

Landcor also found that Squamish recently has also received an infrastructure-aided boost to its real estate market with improvements to the Sea to Sky Highway,

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Rapid transit drives land prices

Jeff Nagel, Surrey North Delta Leader, August 21, 2008

Construction of new SkyTrain lines around Metro Vancouver will spur dense real estate development and drive nearby property prices up, a new report predicts.

Landcor Data Corp. concludes sharp price gains along SkyTrain’s Expo Line since 1986 was due to the rapid transit line’s arrival – and the same trend will likely play out along the Canada Line in Vancouver and Richmond.

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25M buys ‘Garden of Eden’

Nathan Vanderklippe, Financial Post, Tuesday, August 19, 2008

VANCOUVER —It doesn’t take much of an eye to see that Capes Lake, a 5,100-hectare plot deep in the heart of Vancouver Island, is a magnificent piece of property. The size of Bermuda, its wooded stretches encompass a waterfall, lakes and alpine meadows in such pristine seclusion that its current owners call it the Garden of Eden.

But for TimberWest Forest Co.,

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Place to Play

Marty Hope, Calgary Herald, Saturday, August 16, 2008

Whether it’s a lakeside home, mountain retreat, or golf course bungalow, B.C. continues to be the playground of many Albertans, says a Kelowna-based expert.

It’s not hard to figure out why, says Elton Ash, regional executive vice-president of Re/Max of Western Canada: “Alberta winters, B.C.’s sun, sand and lakes with a wide choice of various kinds of recreation property all over the province.”

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Real estate market shifts into reverse

Jeff Nagel, Surrey Leader, August 7, 2008

Today’s real estate frenzy consists of property owners hustling to sell and get their money out of a declining market.

Industry experts say buyers are now in command and motivated sellers are having to cut their prices – and in some cases offer extra incentives – to sell.

The market downturn, coupled with the subprime mortgage meltdown in the U.S.

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600 Busted Boomtowns

Elaine O’Connor, The Province, August 3, 2008

Reno Fabbro would love to go back and visit his hometown. Maybe take one of his four children or nine grandchildren on a road trip. But he can’t. It doesn’t exist.

The retired Kamloops principal was born in 1938 in Middletown, a coal-mining community in southeastern B.C.’s Elk Valley. The town of about 40 houses on three dirt streets sprang up between Michel (founded 1899) and Natal (1907) and the fortunes of the region and its estimated 1,500 residents followed those of the mines.

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House sales slow across N Shore

Deneka Michaud, North Shore News, July 9, 2008

After years of favourable conditions for home sellers, the North Shore real estate market appears to be giving buyers the upper hand, according to a new report issued by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.

Multiple Listing Service figures released by the board last week show that sales for both North and West Vancouver in June were down from the same time last year,

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Business in Brief: Real Estate Sales Dip, Prices Jump

Penticton Western News, July 5, 2008

Reports this week have finally started calling it a buyers market, as the trend indicates B.C. is entering a cooling off period.

But while the sales numbers are down, the total sales values are still increasing for some regions, according to Landcor Data Corporation.

The Okanagan is one of three regions in B.C. — Greater Vancouver and the Kootenays are the other two areas — that experienced this total sales value increase in the first quarter of the year compared to the first quarter of 2007 despite the drop in the number of properties being sold.

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