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Georgia Straight

Urbanites flee for better life in the sticks

Pieta Wooley, Georgia Straight, May 28, 2009

This spring, Sarah McMillan and Gavin Wright pulled up their urban Vancouver roots and headed to a plot of leased land north of Pemberton. The couple met at UBC Farm last summer, fell in love, and shared their city-folk dream of country living. Unlike many other dreamers, though, they made theirs happen. This summer, McMillan and Wright plan to grow and sell beets,

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Americans still buy BC real estate

Carlito Pablo, Georgia Straight, Jan 31, 2008

While the world watched the U.S. stock market convulse in January due to fears of a possible recession and troubles related to sub-prime mortgages, Rudy Nielsen was busy closing a million-dollar deal with an American buyer.

Nielsen, the New Westminster–based president of NIHO Land & Cattle Company Ltd., recalled there was little negotiation over the 65- hectare oceanfront property located somewhere on Vancouver Island.

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B.C. Penturbia Booms

Charlie Smith, Georgia Straight, July 19, 2007

About 20 years ago, Jack Lessinger, a retired University of Washington professor, introduced the term penturbia to readers of the Atlantic Monthly. Penturbia was the fifth great region of colonization in the United States. This followed the movement into the central and southern colonies, then into the Mississippi and Ohio river valleys, then to the great industrial cities, and next into the suburbs of America.

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