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Globe & Mail

B.C. Properties finding Cachet with Americans

Wendy Stueck, Globe & Mail, September 16, 2002

VANCOUVER — For years, British Columbia in general and Vancouver especially have attracted foreign real estate investors.

But if the buzz once focused on Asian speculators snapping up downtown condos before the units were even built, today it centres on Americans — drawn to B.C. by a low Canadian dollar, relative accessibility and in some cases, a desire for a safe haven in troubled times.

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Dirt Cheap: Buy Your Remote Piece of Canada

Globe & Mail, May 4, 1996

For years, Sandra and Ken Prentice dreamed of homesteading in Northern Ontario. Last May, their dream came true when they moved on to 80 acres of land near Cochrane, Ont., that cost them just $19,900

“We always wanted a back-to-basics lifestyle where we could do some farming and raise a few animals,” Ms. Prentice says. “Now we have our place in the sun- and it didn’t cost us an arm and a leg.”

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