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LandRush 2015 – NIHO President Impresses Jurock REI

NIHO President Rudy Nielsen gave one of the key presentations to 600 people at the successful Real Estate LandRush 2015 Conference on Feb 28th.

Conference founder, Ozzie Jurock, said:

“That success was due in no small measure to your own fine contribution on our stage.

You presented your thoughts, ideas and forecasts in a timely, interesting and professional manner and helped us create a ‘convention type experience’

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An Urban Guide to Investing in Land

Jurock Real Estate Investor, August / September 1993

To some people, “recreation” is a $400,000 home or a “basic” $230,000 condo in Whistler. To others, it’s a vacant piece of wilderness land near Alaska. One man’s nightingale is another’s owl.

Whatever the vision, many people have given up looking for their own escape places. Properties seem too expensive or they don’t want to buy into a co-op purchase of a large acreage where they may never see a return on (or even use of) the land.

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