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National Post

Booming B.C.

National Post  June 16, 2006

British Columbia has become a field of dreams for homebuilders and homeowners alike. Remember the catch line from the movie? It was, “If you build it, they will come.”

That memorable phrase applies to almost anything with four walls and a rood on Canada’s West Coast. A booming economy, a surge in immigration and a shortage of land in the Lower Mainland means the demand is at gold rush levels and prices are soaring.

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Awash in oil wealth, Albertans snapping up B.C. properties

Derrick Penner, National Post,  May 17, 2006

Oil-rich Albertans love British Columbia’s waterfront cabins, ski chalets and resort condominiums.

Albertans were the biggest out-of-province buyers of B.C. real estate in 2005, snapping up 2.4% of all properties sold and helping push up property values in prime locations.

Data compiled by the research firm Landcor Data Corporation show that Albertans bought 4,320 properties, including 1.329 single-family homes, 

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