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Surrey Leader

Property tax may be Plan B if referendum fails: Premier

Jeff Nagel, Surrey North Delta Leader Feb 20, 2015

Premier Christy Clark says the possible defeat of a proposed 0.5 per cent sales tax by the No side in this spring’s referendum on transit expansion might force Metro Vancouver mayors to raise TransLink’s property tax instead.

TransLink already collects $305 million per year – $238 per average home assessed at $719,000 – from its dedicated property tax,

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Real estate market shifts into reverse

Jeff Nagel, Surrey Leader, August 7, 2008

Today’s real estate frenzy consists of property owners hustling to sell and get their money out of a declining market.

Industry experts say buyers are now in command and motivated sellers are having to cut their prices – and in some cases offer extra incentives – to sell.

The market downturn, coupled with the subprime mortgage meltdown in the U.S.

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