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Experience is Everything!

Rudy Nielsen, The Scrivener, Fall 2019

I first got my real estate licence in 1964 at the age of 24.

In those days, it wasn’t common be a real estate agent at a young age because most REALTORS® were a lot older and more established. Despite that, I never gave up; the situation provided me even more determination to be successful.

My father was a trapper-turned businessman in Northern BC and I always knew I wanted to be in the real estate business,

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Torrens and Technology: An Update from the Front Lines!

Rudy Nielsen, The Scrivener, Fall 2016

Back in 2010, I let you know how the provincial land title system guards British Columbians against the ever‑present threat of mortgage fraud.

Today, this is still a timely topic, given the unprecedented level of property sales since then.

Through the Torrens Land Registration System, British Columbia is neatly packaged into about 1.9 million active land titles that have been very active in the past 5 years.

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Landcor Data Corporation: Leading the Way to Progress and Success

Rudy Nielsen, The Scrivener, Fall 2015

NIHO Land & Cattle Company president Rudy Nielsen was recently featured in the Fall 2015 issue of the Scrivener.

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Letter to the Editor – Rudy Nielsen Article

ScrivenerJust finished reading your Winter Scrivener interview with Rudy Nielsen.

I was a recently graduated student from Calgary and had moved to Prince George in the early ‘70s when I met him; he encouraged me to begin a real estate career. His enthusiasm and drive were infectious. Judging by your article, nothing has changed. What success I have in the real estate business, I owe to Rudy. He was my mentor and teacher and I am proud to say,

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The Virtues of Vision and Drive (Editorial)

Wayne Braid, The Scrivener, Winter 2013

Welcome to this issue of The Scrivener.

Our Cover Story features Rudy Nielsen, a larger-than-life personality with larger-than-life companies—the NIHO Land and Cattle Company, the Landcor Data Corporation, and LandQuest Realty Corp.

I first met Rudy in the late 1960s when we worked together in the northwest part of British Columbia. The firm we worked for—an investment group called Northern Securities Ltd.— owned real estate offices, 

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