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US Company puts abandoned town of Kitsault up for sale

Medicine Hat News, CP, September 15, 2004

TORONTO (CP) -- Rudy Nielsen has dealt with some unique properties in his 40 years of selling ranches and vacation homes around British Columbia, but he has never tackled anything quite like this before.

Nielsen is selling an entire town, Kitsault, B.C., to be exact, and the asking price is $7 million. For that price, the buyer gets 92 houses perched on a mountain's edge in a tranquil ocean inlet, nestled in a dense evergreen forest and surrounded by coastal mountain vistas.

"When you are walking the streets, there is nobody around, and it really gives you a weird feeling, like, 'Holy smokes,' " Nielsen told the Globe and Mail in an interview.

One of the perks of spending time in an abandoned town is being able to race through stop signs at top speed, he added