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Chic Chic Lake

This unique 155 acre lakefront hideaway on Calvert Island, roughly midway up B.C.’s coast, approx. 70 miles north of Port Hardy, is believed to be the only deeded property in the centre of this island. (There are a half dozen other properties on the ocean) This property is an amazing fishing retreat.

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155 Acres

Area: North Coast
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155 Acres

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DL 871 CR 2 LD11.


The property is generally level with Chic Chic Lake cutting through the cente of the property, thus providing a considerable amount of lakeshore frontage. We believe this is the only deeded property in the centre of this island. There are a half dozen other properties on the ocean.


The property is located on the west shore of Chic Chic Lake, on Calvert Island. Calvert Island is located is located in the middle of the coast of British Columbia, about 74 miles (120 kilometres) southwest of Bella Coola, or 248 miles (400 kilometres) northwest of Vancouver. The tip of North Vancouver Island is 46 miles (74 kilometres) to the south of the property and Port Hardy, the nearest large community, is 68 miles (109 kilometres) southeast of the property.


This unique hideaway is reachable only by boat, floatplane or helicopter from Port Hardy. A boat can be launched at Port Hardy. Head northwest, up the Queen Charlotte Strait, through the south passage to Safety Cove on Calvert Island. You can reach the property from here by foot.


The Haikai Recreation area covers the Southern part of Hunter Island, Hecate Island and the Northern part of Calvert Island. This area offers excellent salmon fishing. A large number of fishing camps operate in this area and there is a fishing lodge on Calvert Island, at Hakai Pass. Port Hardy is well known for its whale watching. Recreation facilities include a nine hole golf course, with driving range, and a ski hill, an hour’s drive away. This is a well known area for sports anglers and year-round diving, and offers abundant sea life

Area Data:

The property is located in the south west area of Calvert Island, on the Fitz Hugh Sound. The west side of the island is bordered by the Queen Charlotte Sound; the north side, by Hakai Passage; the south side, by The North Passage. Calvert Island lies about 10 miles (16 kilometres) northwest of the mouth of Rivers Inlet. The island is about 20 miles (32 kilometres) long, from tip to tip, and about 10 miles (16 kilometres) across, at its widest point. Most of Calvert Island is fairly flat, with several lakes scattered throughout the island, the largest being Chic Chic Lake, near the southwest part of the island. The two largest mountains are Mt. Buxton and Safety Mountain, the latter having a height of 2,852 ft. above sea level. There are about only half a dozen parcels of privately owned land on the entire island. Safety Cove, itself, is well known as a sheltered place for boats to anchor.

Port Hardy is a community of 4,500 people in the town (and approximately 11,000 people in the surrounding area of North Vancouver Island) situated on a natural deep-water harbour at the north end of Vancouver Island. Mining, logging and fishing form the current economic base for this community, but tourism is also a fast growing industry. Highway 19, the main highway, connects Port Hardy with all major centres on Vancouver Island. Victoria is approximately a seven hours drive on good paved roads. Port Hardy is also the southern terminus for the B. C. Ferries, which connects Vancouver Island with Prince Rupert. The town is also serviced by an airport, which has daily flights from Vancouver, and smaller charter companies also provide commuter service. Port Hardy has a sea-plane base, a helicopter pad and is also home base for a fleet of about 123 commercial fishing vessels, which increases to over 800 from June to October. Port Hardy has one seafood processing plant, two seafood packing plants and a cold storage facility.


The name Chic Chic comes from the Chinook jargon meaning wagon or wheeled vehicle.

In the early part of the 1900’s the area was well known for its many fish canneries. Some famous names along Rivers Inlet, are Dawson’s Landing, Brunswick, Goodhope, Kilbella Bay and Rivers Inlet (the place). The inside passage, which is the Fitz Hugh Sound, between Calvert Island and the mainland, was used in the early days for transportation by large ships from Vancouver to Alaska as it is protected from weather. Today the inside passage is still used, not only by the ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert, but also for cruise liners.

Calvert Island was named by Captain Charles Duncan in 1788. Calvert was the family name of the Lords Baltimore.
Port Hardy was named after Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy, R.N. As captain of H.M.S. Victory he held the dying Lord Nelson in his arms during the Battle of Trafalgar.


On the property there is mostly small pine with some open meadows.


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Surveyed by Alleyne Wright in September, 1913

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