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Thompson River Estates, Lot 1

A four scenic drive from Vancouver, the Thompson River Estates are located next door to world-class recreational activities on the Thompson River and in the nearby city of Kamloops. Located just 40 minutes from Kamloops and 15 minutes from Cache Creek, hospitals, retail stores, and other amenities are just a short drive away.

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4.99 Acres

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4.99 Acres

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Lot 1, Plan 862, Sec 3, Twp 21, Rge 22, W6M, Except Plan KAP59494 & Sec 4,KDYD


Lot 1 has superb soil and, and having never been landscaped, is mostly covered with sage brush and a few pine trees and apple trees.

The fertile soil combines with the sunny, southern exposure would make this an ideal spot for a hobby farm or a garden. This gently sloping lot has a beautiful view to the west.

An easement to the property gives access to the Stagecoach road, providing easy, year-round access to this lot. Its location at the end of the the cul-de-sac will provide you with privacy from the nearby highway and from your neighbors.

There is a small, dry gully running through the corner of the property, which means that it is extremely likely that water can be found underneath this lot.



The Thompson River Estates are located 50 km west of Kamloops and 25 km east of Cache Creek on Highway #1, in south central British Columbia on the banks of the Thompson River. Vancouver is 353 km south and less than a four hour drive via the Coquihalla Highway. Savona is 8 miles to the east, Tod Mountain is 103 km to the east, and the old historic town of Ashcroft is 35 km south-west. This subdivision is approx. 345 metres (1,135 ft.) above sea level.


Thompson River Estates fronts on the Trans Canada Highway #1 between Kamloops and Cache Creek. It is almost the same distance from Vancouver via the Coquihalla Highway or the Fraser Canyon route.

Following the Coquihalla Highway, turn east at Kamloops onto Highway #1 and follow the signs to Savona and Merritt. Thompson River Estates is 12 km past Savona, or 50 km from Kamloops.

Following the Fraser Canyon route, take the Trans-Canada Highway #1 past Lytton, and follow the signs to Kamloops in Cache Creek. Thompson River Estates is 25 km past Cache Creek.

Lot 1 is on the south side of the highway, and can be accessed by two entrances. Access to the lot itself is by gravel road off the main road of the subdivision, Pinecrest Road.


There are about 200 lakes in the Kamloops area, and it is said to be one of BC’s best fishing centres, offering steelhead, rainbow and eastern brook trout, dolly varden and kokanee. Deadman Vidette Road, north of Highway #1, 31 km east of Cache Creek, leads to a chain of lakes including Mowich, Snohoosh, Skookum, Deadman and Vidette Lakes, with fishing for kokanee and rainbow trout. Forestry campsites are located on four of the lakes.

The Thompson River is a recreational paradise renowned for river rafting, swimming, canoeing, kayaking and boating; the surrounding area is extremely popular for hunting, hiking, golf and hang-gliding. Horseback riding through the numerous trails in the surrounding hills is also very popular.

For winter ski fun, Sun Peaks Resort on Tod Mountain is 53 km north of Kamloops. It has 47 runs and nordic trails. Harper Mountain, near Kamloops, has 13 runs and offers nordic trails and night skiing.

Kamloops is a sports mecca with 84 baseball diamonds, 73 soccer fields, 5 ice arenas, 40 gymnasiums, 7 golf courses, 53 tennis courts, and the new 5,000 seat Riverside Coliseum built for the Canada Summer Games in 1993.

There are five golf courses within easy reach of Thompson River Estates:

Semlin Valley Golf Course, one km east of Cache Creek on the Trans Canada Highway, 25 km west of Thompson River Estates, is a 9 hole, par 35 golf course open to the public.
Meadow Creek Golf Club is a new, 9 hole, par 36 course situated 45 km south-west of Kamloops. The terrain here is basically hilly.
Aberdeen Hills Golf Club is a 9 hole golf course near Kamloops. It is par 35 for men and 36 for women. It’s a semi-private course regularly open to visitors.

Kamloops Golf & Country Club is a flat and friendly 18 hole course offering a perfect venue for the journeyman golfer with fairways that are easy to walk. Par for men is 72, for women, 75. Though semi-private, this course is open to the public every day.
Nicola Valley Golf Course is on Highway 5 about 75 km south of Kamloops. This 9 hole course is part of a working ranch. The stately 14 room Quilchena Hotel, which has been in existence since 1908, sits next door to the golf course. Par here is 35 for men, 37 for women.

Three Provincial Parks can be found in this area:

Savona Provincial Park, Class A, 2 ha in size is located at the west end of Kamloops Lake and offers picnic day use for swimming and fishing.
Juniper Beach Provincial Park, Class A, 260 ha in size, offers 35 campsites for camping, fishing and swimming. This is one of the few access points to the Thompson River between Savona and Spence’s Bridge, and some of the world’s best steelhead fishing. This is a good place to view sockeye salmon travelling to spawn in the Adams River and to watch the summer migration of chinook and coho.
Lac Le Jeune Provincial Park, Class A, 47 ha in size, is located 37 km south-west of Kamloops, and offers 144 campsites. Recreation here includes camping, fishing, swimming, fishing and boating on Lac Le Jeune.


Hydro is nearby.

Area Data:

This area, known as “the sunshine corridor” of British Columbia, has a fabulous climate!

A huge variety of fruits and vegetables will grow in this climate including tomatoes, lettuce, corn, potatoes, cantaloupes and watermelons.

Winters are usually mild – a person in Cache Creek told us he has shoveled snow once in the past ten years. The Kamloops/Cache Creek area, with it’s moderate climate, is rated one of the best in Canada and is one of the best areas in the world for growing ginseng. It also permits an extended grazing season ideal for high quality forage production.

Other climate facts for this area:

• 250 hours of sunshine per month is the average from April to September.
• Summer temperatures range from 20C to 30C… (68F – 86F).
• Winter temperatures range from -5C to 8C…. (22F – 47F).
• Average monthly rainfall is 269 mm (0.8 inch).
• Average wind speed is 12 km/hr.
• Average yearly snowfall is approx. 24 inches.

The dry air here is extremely beneficial for people suffering from ailments such as sinusitis, allergies, bronchitis, emphysema and asthma.

Thompson River Estates- Phase 1: The first phase of Thompson River Estates consists of some 74 lots, all of which are sold. The owners in this subdivision include hobby farmers, people working in the local surrounding area and a number of retirees. Ostrich farms, a few horse breeding/training facilities, vegetable farms, a poultry/veal and egg farm, sheep farms, a Bed & Breakfast and a five acre ginseng farm can all be found in Phase 1. The general surrounding area consists mostly of small hobby farms and large ranches, most of which are growing ginseng crops.

Kamloops: The third largest city in the Interior of BC with a population of 82,000, offers visitors all the amenities of a big city – first class accommodation and dining, a lively arts scene, modern shops, a full range of businesses, a modern hospital and wonderful parks and recreation facilities. Kamloops was ranked first out of 302 North American cities in a 2002 American Chamber of Commerce Research Association’s (ACCRA) Cost of Living Index, which measures the cost of consumer goods and services.

Kamloops is famous for its hospitality, not just in the community’s everyday friendly approach to visitors, but also in its ability to host major convention and sporting events. Kamloops is the Tournament Capital of Canada and almost every weekend hosts a tournament or sporting event drawing people from around the province, the country and sometimes the world. The weekly Farmer’s Market, a world-class wildlife park, nine golf courses, endless miles of walking and biking trails, scenic boat tours are just a few of the reasons to visit Kamloops time and time again.

Cache Creek: A bustling community of approx. 1200, is often described as the “Arizona of Canada”, Cache Creek receives very little precipitation during the year. Temperatures are hot in the summer and mild in the winter.

Cache Creek is rich in historic lore dating back to the days when wagon trains and prospectors traveled to the Cariboo Gold Fields in the 1800’s. Cache Creek is also close to many interesting tourist destinations. Historic Hat Creek Ranch is located on one of the few original sections of the Cariboo Wagon Road still accessible to the public.

Outdoor enthusiasts can challenge their golf skills at Semlin Valley Golf Course or participate in real life ranch activities like a cattle drive at one of the many guest ranches in the area.

Hiking, mountain biking, fishing and swimming are just a few of the other activities popular in Cache Creek.

Kamloops on the Lake Resort: This development is located next to Kamloops Lake, just a short distance east from Thompson River Estates, and about 20 miles from the city of Kamloops. It is a $180 million resort development which will include a 27-hole golf course, a 977-unit housing development, three condo-hotels, a 50-unit guest ranch, a 100-berth marina and a 200 head cattle operation with a gated theme park. Phase One has already been completed on construction of the marina and Phase Two is projected to be completed this year. All told, it will provide the equivalent of 450 full time jobs and 2,000 “person years” of construction work, plus spin-off benefits for the community measured in tens of millions of dollars. As part of the deal a road will be built to Kamloops Lake, making it widely available for recreation, for the first time ever. All of these exciting plans will be a welcome boost to the local economy and area land values, including Thompson River Estates, should positively reflect this development.

Wild Horse Town: This is a movie studio situated only a couple of hundred yards east of Lot 121 at Thompson River Estates built by Danny Virtue, owner of Virtue Studio Ranch. A variety of permanent buildings have been erected to simulate a complete old west town. Television movies have already been filmed at Wild Horse Town (including one starring country singer Reba MacIntyre) and negotiations are under way for the filming of a television series to commence shortly.


Charles E. Barnes an American civil engineer had a dream. It was to take this land on the North Thompson, bring in water and turn it into a “Garden of Eden.” He did just that. He built 17 miles of flume and ditch seven miles from Deadman River in the southern hills to this property on the North Thompson across from Walhachin. This land was then divided into 5 and 10 acre blocks and sold for $350.00 per acre with young fruit trees and $300.00 per acre without. Over 16,000 fruit trees, mostly apple, but including pear, peach and apricot were planted in long parallel rows and by 1913 the young trees were thriving. Crops, including corn, tomatoes, onions, beans and even tobacco and grain, were planted to provide income until the orchards bore fruit. Seven potatoes weighed 12 lbs! Three years later the first carloads of Jonathan apples were shipped to market. Walhachin across the river became a bustling town. It included a golf club, a tennis court, a cricket and football field. There was a modern hotel, general store, packing house and many modern houses, one even with a swimming pool. When World War One erupted 97 out 107 men left Walhachin to join and many were killed in action. The wives and a few older men tried to maintain the orchards and flumes but it proved too onerous and many returned to England. Today the remains of the flumes and a few remaining apple trees, some still bearing fruit, can be seen from the highway.


Most of the property is covered in sage brush and scattered pine and aspen trees and also a few of the original apple trees, some of which are still bearing fruit.


RL-1, Rural. This property is located within the ALR


All corners are clearly marked by new corner posts and in most cases marked by fence posts painted white

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