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Secrets of a multi-millionaire real estate kingpin

Kerry Gold, Money, Dec 3, 2010

While economists continue to deliver contradictory reports, one real estate mogul says he’s been forecasting the market correctly for nearly 40 years.

Rudy Nielsen is a real estate kingpin in B.C., and not just because his company Landcor compiles the most comprehensive real estate statistics in the province. Nielsen is one of the biggest private property owners in B.C., a developer,

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i-real estate

WI Staff, Western Investor, March 2010

Regardless of what type of agreement is worked out between the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and the federal Competition Bureau, buyer access to real estate listing information has already changed dramatically.

Realtors and real estate buyers are quickly applying gee-whiz new technology to seek out, study and transact real estate deals in a freeflowing, mobile environment that may have already left traditional real estate data in the dust.

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Working to beat the HST deadline

Derrick Penner, The Vancouver Sun, April 18, 2010

Developers are doing what they can to beat the harmonized sales tax July 1 deadline, building units ahead of schedule and hoping to make sales earlier rather than having to charge the unpopular tax later.

Opportunities are limited, the time fleeting, but with the tax adding a cost in the tens of thousands of dollars to homes, builders who have serviced lots figure they’re better off taking the risk of having to hold onto excess inventory.

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Rx for a resort going downhill

Kerry Gold, The Globe & Mail, April 9, 2010

The Vancouver-based Gaglardi family is known for owning Sandman Inn hotels and Denny’s restaurants, where you can work your way through something called a Grand Slam at 2 o’clock in the morning.

There is also “Flying Phil Gaglardi,” now deceased. He was the eccentric, 1960s era Highways Minister who had a penchant for driving fast and grabbing headlines. Today,

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Backers ‘should hang in there’

Carla Wilson, Victoria Times Colonist, March 27, 2010

Creditors of major projects like Bear Mountain Resort should stick with developers while waiting for a stronger economy and a revitalized market, says Rudy Nielsen, president of NIHO, a company that develops residential property throughout B.C.

Langford’s Bear Mountain Resort is one of several large B.C. projects to face financial woes in the recession, said Nielsen, also president of Landcor Data Corp.

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West Coast Resorts’ Salmon Masters Tournament

Ron LaForce, Salmon Trout Steelhead Magazine, March 2010

For the past seven years, West Coast Resorts has hosted the Salmon Masters Tournament. Salmon Masters is North America’s largest cash jackpot salmon tournament with a total guaranteed payout of $360,000.00. The Grand Prize is $115,000.00. The proceeds from the tournament support the Make a Wish Foundation and The Pacific Salmon Foundation. The entry fee of $6,995 includes a spectacular trip to one of West Coast’s three participating salmon lodges.

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