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With Vancouver prices up, a call for curbs

Kerry Gold, The Globe and Mail, December 13, 2013

Along with a jump in house sales, house prices in Vancouver have risen sharply and will likely continue to climb in the new year, pushing some frustrated house hunters to call for curbs on the foreign buyers they blame for stoking the rapid ramping up of housing values.

B.C.’s real estate market powered through third-quarter 2013 as the number of sales rose 18.91 per cent this year over last,

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Letter to the Editor – Rudy Nielsen Article

ScrivenerJust finished reading your Winter Scrivener interview with Rudy Nielsen.

I was a recently graduated student from Calgary and had moved to Prince George in the early ‘70s when I met him; he encouraged me to begin a real estate career. His enthusiasm and drive were infectious. Judging by your article, nothing has changed. What success I have in the real estate business, I owe to Rudy. He was my mentor and teacher and I am proud to say,

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The Virtues of Vision and Drive (Editorial)

Wayne Braid, The Scrivener, Winter 2013

Welcome to this issue of The Scrivener.

Our Cover Story features Rudy Nielsen, a larger-than-life personality with larger-than-life companies—the NIHO Land and Cattle Company, the Landcor Data Corporation, and LandQuest Realty Corp.

I first met Rudy in the late 1960s when we worked together in the northwest part of British Columbia. The firm we worked for—an investment group called Northern Securities Ltd.— owned real estate offices, 

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Downhill slide: Whistler real estate worst performing in region

Glen Korstrom, Business in Vancouver, July 30, 2013

Whistler real estate prices are on a downhill slide with the resort notching the steepest year-over-year price decline in the Metro Vancouver Sea to Sky region as well as in the past five years.

The benchmark price for a Whistler home fell 8% in the past year, 9.5% in the past three years and 21.5% in the past five years, according to Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) statistics.

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What’s Next in Recreation?

Rudy Nielsen, Western Investor, May 2013


A good friend recently asked: “When will the B.C. recreational market recover?”

I checked the numbers (and my gut) and in my opinion, the wording is wrong. The market hasn’t crashed, there’s nothing to ‘recover’. Like all healthy markets, it has simply changed and like all healthy markets, best get aboard while you can and before the next round of ‘upside’ kicks in,

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The Rapid Consolidation of BC Agricultural Land

Rudy Nielsen, RI Input, Spring 2013 Poets, theologians, and sensitive types might disagree, but we humans must eat to live. We have no choice. Unless you’re skinned in chlorophyll or are a successful “breatharian” (supposedly able to live solely on fresh air and sunlight), we all need grub, calories. There are a lot of us—seven billion plus with more to come. Global population growth is finally trending down, but the UN estimates that 2045 will see nine billion hungry humans,

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