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Detached houses becoming scarcer commodity in Vancouver region

Brent Jang, The Globe & Mail, Nov 10, 2015

Single-family detached houses are becoming an ever-shrinking portion of the total housing stock in the Vancouver region, adding to pricing pressures in an already hot market.

The share of detached houses as a percentage of all residential properties in the region has tumbled from 65 per cent in 2000 to 54 per cent last year, Central 1 Credit Union senior economist Bryan Yu said Tuesday.

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Vancouver housing market fuelled by Chinese buyers

Kerry Gold, The Globe & Mail, Nov 2, 2015

A new study that puts data behind the widely held but difficult-to-prove assumption that off-shore money is driving Vancouver’s superheated housing market has concluded the vast majority of houses on the city’s affluent west side have been bought by new immigrants from China, many of whom don’t earn their living here.

The data were obtained by David Eby, the NDP MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey.

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Rising tide of Vancouver house prices lifting values throughout region

Kerry Gold, The Globe and Mail, Oct. 24, 2015

Picture a map of the Lower Mainland and a growing wave moving outward from Vancouver, and you will get a general sense of increasing house prices.

The $1-million line used to divide the east side of the city from the west, and then it crept all the way to Burnaby. Now, it’s moving like a rapidly rising tide,

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Landcor Data Corporation: Leading the Way to Progress and Success

Rudy Nielsen, The Scrivener, Fall 2015

NIHO Land & Cattle Company president Rudy Nielsen was recently featured in the Fall 2015 issue of the Scrivener.

To read the article, click here.

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Equity generation’ squeezing retirees’ savings

Kerry Gold, Globe & Mail, July 17, 2015

Sarah and her husband had done everything right for retirement, squirrelling away savings, paying down the mortgage on their condo and not touching their line of credit.

However, when their daughter ran into financial trouble, they started paying her mortgage as well as other expenses. When their daughter got divorced, they stepped up the support, fearing that their young grandchildren would suffer.

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Vancouver inventory squeeze finds buyers panicked, sellers anxious

Kerry Gold, The Globe and Mail, June 19, 2015

Emma Co has been a real estate agent for several years in Vancouver, but she’s never seen the market so fired up, particularly on the city’s east side.

“I can’t believe this market,” she said, seated in a coffee shop near Kingsway and Fraser. “I was talking to one realtor, and she said, ‘where is this going?’ “

It’s a reasonable question,

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CBC considers selling Vancouver building to free up money for programming

Frances Bula, The Globe & Mail, May 26, 2015

The CBC is exploring whether to sell its $57-million downtown Vancouver broadcast centre as part of a national plan to reduce its real-estate holdings.

The 2.1-acre site may have “developable density” that could make it attractive as more than just another office building for sale, said Fred Mattocks, the CBC’s manager of media operations and technology for CBC English services.

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Vancouver’s Growing Homes

Vancouver Magazine, April 20, 2015

When it comes to new Vancouver houses, we are living in the era of big. The bigger the better. The newer the better. Double sinks in the bathrooms. Double car garages. Double kitchens. The kids’ bathrooms come with extra-big tubs, showers, heated floors, televisions set into vanity mirrors. A galley kitchen? That’s so ’90s. It’s not a kitchen if it hasn’t got an island the size of a Volkswagen,

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In Vancouver, developers’ plans hinge on plebiscite results

Kerry Gold, The Globe and Mail, April 24, 2015

We know about low mortgage rates and investor speculation, but there is another major driver behind Metro Vancouver real estate – transit.

Transit provides the framework for future development. It has the power to create entire communities and shape the region. And this unaffordable city needs it more than ever.

Developers already know that, which is why Intergulf Development Group vice-president Shaadi Faris will be keeping a close eye on the transit plebiscite results.

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Fresh warning bells sounded over Vancouver’s hot housing market

Brent Jang, The Globe & Mail, April 5, 2015

Soaring real estate prices have been the equivalent of winning the lottery for thousands of people who own single-family detached homes in Vancouver.

The average price of new and existing detached houses sold within the city of Vancouver has topped $1.9-million. An eye-popping projection by Vancouver City Savings Credit Union calls for the average detached price within Vancouver’s city limits to skyrocket to $4.4-million in 2030,

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