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Canadian Real Estate

Cool Down or Big Chill

Rudy Nielsen, Canadian Real Estate, November-December, 2008

The numbers are in, and after seven years of sold, often double-digit growth, the residential real estate market throughout BC has slowed, according to the recent Q2 2008 Residential Sales Summary by Landcor Data Corp., Vancouver.

What are the numbers telling us? The two key market messages are lower sales and slower price growth. The question we need to consider is: does this mean investors should start looking for bargains,

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Mr. Tough Guy

Teresa Murphy, Canadian Real Estate, November 2008

Among the few hundred proven real estate and property investment experts in Canada, recreational real estate guru Rudy Nielsen is the only one to have outsmarted both black and grizzly bears – a number of times – while evaluating remote investment property.

One thing is certain – Nielsen likes to know exactly what he’s getting into before he considers buying or selling a recreational property.

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