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British Columbia to raise limit on homeowner grant

Justine Hunter, Globe & Mail, Jan 9, 2017

B.C. Finance Minister Mike de Jong will raise the threshold for the province’s homeowner grant this week, after the skyrocketing value of British Columbian homes threatened to cut many homeowners out of the property-tax relief program because their residences are now worth too much.

Mr. de Jong said Monday he will have details later this week of the new threshold,

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Private sales rising across all ends of the Vancouver real estate market

Kerry Gold, Globe & Mail, March 18, 2016

Real estate agent Juliana Jiao gave me a private viewing of a 3,700-square-foot luxury two-floor condo with a 20-foot-high living room ceiling and panoramic views of the north shore.

Ms. Jiao specializes in luxury condos in Coal Harbour, including what she calls “the most sought after” buildings, One Harbour Green, Two Harbour Green and the three-year-old Three Harbour Green. She says many of her listings are private,

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Affordable and scenic Sidney, B.C., attracts retirees from the West

Kerry Gold, Globe & Mail, March 7, 2016

When asked if he’s met many Albertans since he moved to Sidney, B.C., Fin Fairfield laughs.

“Everybody you talk to – it’s crazy. And it’s understandable, really. Alberta is not a very happy place for now, and Sidney is just a charming, cozy community.”

Mr. Fairfield retired three years ago from his practice as a family physician in the Alberta city of St.

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In Vancouver, developers’ plans hinge on plebiscite results

Kerry Gold, The Globe and Mail, April 24, 2015

We know about low mortgage rates and investor speculation, but there is another major driver behind Metro Vancouver real estate – transit.

Transit provides the framework for future development. It has the power to create entire communities and shape the region. And this unaffordable city needs it more than ever.

Developers already know that, which is why Intergulf Development Group vice-president Shaadi Faris will be keeping a close eye on the transit plebiscite results.

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Rx for a resort going downhill

Kerry Gold, The Globe & Mail, April 9, 2010

The Vancouver-based Gaglardi family is known for owning Sandman Inn hotels and Denny’s restaurants, where you can work your way through something called a Grand Slam at 2 o’clock in the morning.

There is also “Flying Phil Gaglardi,” now deceased. He was the eccentric, 1960s era Highways Minister who had a penchant for driving fast and grabbing headlines. Today,

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Fufill your fantasy of owning the town

David Parkinson, Globe & Mail,- Sept 25, 2004

Ever wanted to swagger up to that idealistic young drifter, blow a cloud of cigar smoke in his face and drawl, “Son, I own this town”?

Well, put your millions where your mouth is. Several towns in North America have gone up for sale in the past few years — roads, buildings, businesses, homes, utilities, everything.

Most of these are ghost towns,

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Lands taken from tree farm licenses

Wendy Stueck, Globe & Mail,  February 2, 2007

VANCOUVER — With the removal of some of its privately owned lands from provincial tree-farm licences, Duncan-based Western Forest Products Inc. now has the right to subdivide and sell wooded properties that in some cases are within an hour’s drive of Victoria.

And although those parcels account for a small portion of the lands freed up under an agreement with the province this week,

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Expanding a beach front frontier

Darryl Greer, Globe & Mail,  August,18, 2006

Big city life can be taxing at times, to say the least. But summertime affords people opportunities to cast off their urban shackles to search for leisure, recreation, or in more direct terms, places to go fishing and drink beer. In British Columbia, however, pristine recreational property comes at a price that many can’t afford, unless one happens to be a Hollywood movie star or perhaps an oil company executive.

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City’s nouveaux riches fuel housing boom

The Globe & Mail, Mary Lynn Young, June 10, 2005

Big money in British Columbia used to mean lumber and mining, such as forestry’s giant H.R. MacMillan or the Keevil family of Teck Cominco. More recent fortunes originated in real estate and consumer industries, as in local tycoon Jimmy Pattison’s legion of car dealerships and grocery stores.

Today, however, there is a growing class of new urban rich in the province.

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Miner looks to sell B.C. Ghost Town

Paul Waldie, Globe and Mail, Sept 14, 2004

Rudy Nielsen has dealt with some unique properties in his 40 years of selling ranches and vacation homes around British Columbia, but he has never tackled anything quite like this before.

Mr. Nielsen is marketing an entire town, Kitsault, B.C. to be exact, and the asking price is $7 million. For that price, the buyer gets not only 92 houses perched on a mountain’s edge in a tranquil ocean inlet,

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