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The Globe & Mail

On B.C.’s farmland, mega-mansions and speculators reap the rewards of lucrative tax breaks

Kathy Tomlinson, The Globe & Mail, Nov 20, 2016

Bob Fisher shakes his head as he looks over at the palatial new building next door to his beekeeping operation. It was supposed to be a single-family farmhouse – approved as such by city hall – built on some of Canada’s best farmland, in this suburb south of Vancouver.

Instead, it’s a 23,000-square-foot mega-mansion – with Roman columns, a grand marble entrance and luxurious guest suites.

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Justin Trudeau to get sobering view of Vancouver’s housing market

Kerry Gold, The Globe and Mail, June 17, 2016

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is scheduled to meet with a round table of experts on Vancouver’s housing affordability crisis on Friday, just as new data are released showing the extreme nature of the city’s escalating housing problem.

Planner and analyst Andy Yan, who will attend the meeting, has released a comprehensive set of maps that show the rapid rise of assessed house prices over the past decade.

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Detached houses becoming scarcer commodity in Vancouver region

Brent Jang, The Globe & Mail, Nov 10, 2015

Single-family detached houses are becoming an ever-shrinking portion of the total housing stock in the Vancouver region, adding to pricing pressures in an already hot market.

The share of detached houses as a percentage of all residential properties in the region has tumbled from 65 per cent in 2000 to 54 per cent last year, Central 1 Credit Union senior economist Bryan Yu said Tuesday.

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Vancouver inventory squeeze finds buyers panicked, sellers anxious

Kerry Gold, The Globe and Mail, June 19, 2015

Emma Co has been a real estate agent for several years in Vancouver, but she’s never seen the market so fired up, particularly on the city’s east side.

“I can’t believe this market,” she said, seated in a coffee shop near Kingsway and Fraser. “I was talking to one realtor, and she said, ‘where is this going?’ “

It’s a reasonable question,

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Fresh warning bells sounded over Vancouver’s hot housing market

Brent Jang, The Globe & Mail, April 5, 2015

Soaring real estate prices have been the equivalent of winning the lottery for thousands of people who own single-family detached homes in Vancouver.

The average price of new and existing detached houses sold within the city of Vancouver has topped $1.9-million. An eye-popping projection by Vancouver City Savings Credit Union calls for the average detached price within Vancouver’s city limits to skyrocket to $4.4-million in 2030,

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Breathing life into B.C.’s ghost towns

Mark Hume, The Globe & Mail, Feb 27, 2015

Not all ghost towns are dead. A few are kept alive by a handful of residents who refuse to quit or by entrepreneurs who have improbable dreams of resurrection.

But most have been erased by decay, and some of Canada’s history is crumbling with them, erasing memories of what happens when resources are exhausted, or market forces dramatically shift.

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Vancouver agents, builders greet signs of a rebound with glee

Kerry Gold, The Globe and Mail, January 24, 2014

Last year marked a return of confidence to Vancouver’s real estate market, with a 14-per-cent increase in sales over the year before, according to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.

Another year-end report, this one by Landcor, showed the single family detached price up 6.39 per cent in 2013, with the average Metro Vancouver house price at $869,772.

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The gloom slowly lifts

Kerry Gold, The Globe & Mail, May 22, 2009

It was a mere seven months ago that economists and newspaper headlines had declared a real estate downturn tantamount to the sky falling in on Vancouver homeowners.

But recent reports suggest the downturn wasn’t nearly as severe as previously imagined. According to the most recent statistics from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, residential property sales in Greater Vancouver are up 31 per cent from March to April,

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Buying a piece of paradise

Kerry Gold, The Globe & Mail,  June 19, 2009

In this economic climate, developers must sweeten the pot if they’re going to draw new customers.

Fractional ownership of a recreational property is a sweetener that’s growing in popularity.

It’s a type of ownership that can be used for the purchase of any property – real estate, boats and racehorses. In the case of real estate, the owner has clear title over a portion of the property.

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Sales may be off, but prices stable: report

Kerry Gold, The Globe & Mail, June 27, 2008

Vancouver homeowners shouldn’t worry about the value of their homes falling this year, according to a new report.

The city might have seen the biggest drop in sales of detached homes in the last five years, but house prices are going up, says Rudy Nielsen, owner of Landcor Data Corp., a Vancouver-based real estate analysis company. Mr. Nielsen has 40 years of experience as an analyst,

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