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The Real Estate Guide

Kitsault – Taking a New Direction

The Real Estate Guide, Susan M. Boyce, Feb 25-March 11, 2005

LandQuest Realty has sold Kitsault!

Psst. Wanna  buy a town? Yeah, that’s right. A whole town. You know: houses, stores, library, restaurant, rec centres, school. A whole town.

Sure, it’s not every day that an entire town goes up for sale, but that’s exactly what’s happening in Kitsault, British Columbia- and at an asking price of only $7 million,

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Investing in Your Future

The Real Estate Guide, Susan M. Boyce, February 11-25, 2005, pg 12

Don’t wait to buy land, buy land and wait. After more than three decades of successfully buying and selling recreational properties, that’s still the advice Rudy Nielsen, president of NIHO Land & Cattle Company, gives anyone who is considering land as an investment.

Successful Investing Takes Guts and Planning

The first step in buying recreational property,

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