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Vancouverites lead search for B.C. recreational property

Frank O’Brien, Western Investor, February 10, 2021

Evidence is mounting that tales about more city dwellers rushing to buy rural real estate during the pandemic are more than anecdotal.

In the past eight months, more than 62,000 Vancouver residents searched for property through Landquest Realty, a New Westminster company that specializes in B.C. rural and recreation real estate, part of an avalanche of 458,000 new users who have jammed the site since June 2020.

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BC Parks buys 520 acres in Haida Gwaii region

Frank O’Brien, Western Investor, Aug 11, 2020

BC Parks has purchased four properties totalling 520 acres in the Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) region of the province and on northern Vancouver Island for below the asking price of more than $1.5 million.

The deal represents the first addition of lands for provincial parks in the Haida Gwaii area in nearly 50 years.

Three of the parcels cover 160 acres each,

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Rural property search surges during pandemic

Frank O’Brien, Western Investor, May 12, 2020

Freddie Marks is a specialist in B.C rural recreational property but his phones have lit up with calls from the big city since the pandemic brought on self-isolation and social distancing…

“Before COVID-10 we have an average of two to four inquires for rural property per day,” said Marks, an agent with 3A Group, Sutton Showplace Realty in Agassiz. “Now we have 12 to 15 inquiries per day.”

Marks added that his office wrote deals on remote land listings even during the peak of the pandemic curve.

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B.C. recreational land a superb long-term investment

Rudy Nielsen, Western Investor, May 5, 2020

My more than 56-year career not only as a realtor, but also an appraiser and investor, has taught me the importance of how profitable and rewarding real estate is. Regardless of the up and down cycles, patience is a strength worth cultivating.

Today’s demand for recreational property indicates there is validation of four types of people who purchase these property types: purchasers who want a secure/safe place for family: properties for both recreational use and investment purposes to secure the future (retirement,

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RVs add profitable option to campground investment

Frank O’Brien, Western Investor, July 5, 2019

Western Canada has the highest rate of recreational vehicle (RV) ownership in Canada, at 68 per cent of those who camp, according to the 2018 North American Camping Report. Of the 9.1 million Canadian households who go camping, the majority opt to rough it in an RV, a ratio that approaches three out of four in B.C. and Alberta.

The problem is where to park for the average 4.5 annual camping trips that owners use them.

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Investing in recreational property

Rudy Nielsen, 2019 Investors Guide – Western Investor, April 2019

British Columbia is a desirable province to invest in land, because unlike other provinces, it doesn’t have foreign restrictions on recreational land purchases. We continue to see high demand for recreational properties, from small lots to waterfront parcels to large ranches.

British Columbia is big, but there’s actually a limited amount of land available. Only 5 per cent of land is privately owned.

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Best deals on B.C. waterfront properties this summer

WI Staff  Western Investor August 2, 2018

Waterfront sites in B.C. are becoming expensive but these listings show that some stunning ocean and lakefront opportunities are available for less than the cost of a small home in Metro Vancouver.


Mudge Island oceanfront cottage: $225,000

A rustic cottage on almost half an acre of oceanfront is available on Mudge Island, just off the coast from Nanaimo or Gabriola Island.

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Top luxury properties from Vancouver Island to Edmonton

Frank O’Brien & Tanya Commisso, Western Investor, July 30, 2018

Each summer Western Investor surveys the high-end real estate market to present our selection of trophy properties available across Western Canada.

With most price points well above $2 million this is an exclusive altitude but also an inspiration to all of us aspiring to ascend to ownership of such properties. This year we found an incredible selection of luxurious listings,

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Don’t wait to buy land, Buy land and wait: timely advice on the path to real estate prosperity

Rudy Nielsen, Western Investor, May 2, 2018

Don’t wait to buy land, buy land and then wait. I first learned the importance of that saying in 1964 as the youngest realtor in Prince George. I still believe it today.

My career as a realtor has taught me how profitable and rewarding real estate can be. Having assembled development sites for large corporations such us Woodward’s and Safeway, also assembling large subdivisions,

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Cheapest recreational properties in Western Canada

Frank O’Brien & Geoff Kirbyson, Western Investor, July 19, 2017

The benchmark price of a detached house in Metro Vancouver is now $1.3 million and a typical condominium apartment is $600,000, so $50,000 will buy less than 80 square feet of housing in the city.

But it is much different in the recreational market of vast British Columbia, where a day’s drive can lead to lakefront acreages for less than $40,000,

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