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Residential investing: Time to look at limited partnership

Frank O’Brien, Western Investor, July 11, 2017

The average price for a detached house in Metro Vancouver is now $1.54 million and the average condo apartment is selling for $524,600, according to Landcor Data Corp. You need a large down payment – starting at $100,000 – to make even condo rental payments work at covering your costs, which must include a property manager.

But there is a quieter,

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B.C largest land agent really deals in water

Frank O’Brien, Western Investor, May 30, 2016

LandQuest Realty Corp.celebrates its 20th anniversary this year as the largest dealer in land in British Columbia: but scratch the surface of the clamouring global demand the company is now experiencing, and LandQuest is really dealing in water, according to the company co-founders.

“Every time it rains in B.C, we should get down on our knees and give thanks,” said Rudy Nielsen who,

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Investing on the Fringe: Land values around BC’s biggest cities spark opportunities

Frank O’Brien, Western Investor, April 2015

There has been a long term strategy about real estate investing: drive an hour out of your city and buy land. And wait.

Today in Metro Vancouver, with suburban land cresting over $1.5 million per acre, the wait for many investors could be over, but lands of opportunity remain on the fringe of Vancouver and B.C.’s other large cities, analysts say.

All B.C.

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What’s Next in Recreation?

Rudy Nielsen, Western Investor, May 2013


A good friend recently asked: “When will the B.C. recreational market recover?”

I checked the numbers (and my gut) and in my opinion, the wording is wrong. The market hasn’t crashed, there’s nothing to ‘recover’. Like all healthy markets, it has simply changed and like all healthy markets, best get aboard while you can and before the next round of ‘upside’ kicks in,

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Ranch size sales cheer vendors

WI Staff, Western Investor, August 2011

Perhaps the strongest evidence of a recovery in the Kootenay recreational market is the sale of ranch-sized acreages at the exclusive Ranches at Elk Park just outside of Radium Hot Springs. Prices range to nearly $3 million – and that is just for the land.

“We have sold two lots, and we have holds on two others,” said Rudy Nielsen, founder and president of NIHO Land &

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i-real estate

WI Staff, Western Investor, March 2010

Regardless of what type of agreement is worked out between the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and the federal Competition Bureau, buyer access to real estate listing information has already changed dramatically.

Realtors and real estate buyers are quickly applying gee-whiz new technology to seek out, study and transact real estate deals in a freeflowing, mobile environment that may have already left traditional real estate data in the dust.

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First Gated Ranch Community

Frank O’Brien, Western Investor, September 2009

From somewhere in the world – but most likely Western Canada, the USA, or Europe- 16 well-heeled buyers are expected to ante more than $1 million each to share in Canada’s first gated community, now being developed between the East Kootenay communities of Invermere and Radium Hot Springs.

“I know more about recreational real estate  in BC than probably anyone else, and this is the best property I have ever seen,” said Rudy Nielsen,

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Outlook 2009: Year of the Deals

Frank O’Brien, Western Investor, December 2008

With housing sales plunging across British Columbia- descending 43 percent so far from a year earlier and still accelerating- and landmark condominium projects collapsing under debt, 2009 is expected to see the bottom of the most spectacular real estate collapse in 20 years.

For those with cash and confidence, however, the next year- starting right now- represents a golden opportunity to purchase prime properties at bargain prices,

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Western Perspective: Housing downturn should be seen as an opportunity

Frank O’Brien, Western Investor, September 2008

As Western Canadian housing prices laddered up incredible level after another, and as rental rates tightened to zero per cent vacancy, the call went out for government to create affordable housing.

That is now possible due, ironically, to the greed that created both the boom and the current downturn.

Just months ago, people were camping overnight clutching brochures and afraid they would miss the chance to spend $600 per square foot for a city condominium or a suburban rancher.

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Kicking it up in the Kootenays

Dermot Mack, Western Investor, September 2008

According to the Kootenay Real Estate board, the dollar volume of MLS sales processed surpassed the billion-dollar barrier for the first time ever in 2007, exceeding $1.13 billion, a 34 per cent from a year earlier. A study by Landcor Data Corp. found that Kootenay buyers are primarily from Alberta, which accounted for 67 per cent of all real estate buyers in 2007; half of these from Calgary.

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