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Kerry Gold

At a Vancouver forum, experts see immigration adding fuel to the overheated big-city housing market

Kerry Gold, The Globe & Mail, April 23, 2021

Spring is in the air and the outlook is cheery for the next couple of years, according to pundits who spoke at the Vancouver Real Estate Forum held online last week

The opening remarks were delivered by Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce deputy chief economist Benjamin Tal. His tone was far more encouraging than his talk last fall, in which he predicted the next six months would “not be very pretty,” with a housing market that would slow by winter.

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Today’s hot Vancouver housing market may be just a prelude

Kerry Gold, The Globe & Mail, March 19, 2021

One year after the pandemic began, and despite initial worries, it turned out to be one of the real-estate industry’s best years.

“There are bidding wars on many homes throughout the Lower Mainland, on the Island, and even in the Kootenays,” says Rudy Nielsen, an industry veteran who owns Landcor Data Corporation, Niho Land & Cattle Company and LandQuest Realty Corp.

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As Metro Vancouver’s affordability gap widens, a search for answers

Kerry Gold, The Globe and Mail, Jun. 09, 2017

Last year, a series of government interventions was implemented to cool Metro Vancouver’s runaway property market and increase affordability. And yet, the market is hotter than ever, and the gap between house prices and incomes is growing wider in unexpected parts of the region.

Greater Vancouver reached a record benchmark price of $967,500 – an 8.8-per-cent increase from the year before.

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Justin Trudeau to get sobering view of Vancouver’s housing market

Kerry Gold, The Globe and Mail, June 17, 2016

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is scheduled to meet with a round table of experts on Vancouver’s housing affordability crisis on Friday, just as new data are released showing the extreme nature of the city’s escalating housing problem.

Planner and analyst Andy Yan, who will attend the meeting, has released a comprehensive set of maps that show the rapid rise of assessed house prices over the past decade.

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Private sales rising across all ends of the Vancouver real estate market

Kerry Gold, Globe & Mail, March 18, 2016

Real estate agent Juliana Jiao gave me a private viewing of a 3,700-square-foot luxury two-floor condo with a 20-foot-high living room ceiling and panoramic views of the north shore.

Ms. Jiao specializes in luxury condos in Coal Harbour, including what she calls “the most sought after” buildings, One Harbour Green, Two Harbour Green and the three-year-old Three Harbour Green. She says many of her listings are private,

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Affordable and scenic Sidney, B.C., attracts retirees from the West

Kerry Gold, Globe & Mail, March 7, 2016

When asked if he’s met many Albertans since he moved to Sidney, B.C., Fin Fairfield laughs.

“Everybody you talk to – it’s crazy. And it’s understandable, really. Alberta is not a very happy place for now, and Sidney is just a charming, cozy community.”

Mr. Fairfield retired three years ago from his practice as a family physician in the Alberta city of St.

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Victoria’s affordable homes prompting early moves out of Lower Mainland

Kerry Gold, The Globe and Mail, Jan. 29, 2016

Rob Adamson typifies many average-income-earning homeowners who have cashed out of the Lower Mainland at an early age.

They are part of the drive behind a spike in sales for Victoria-area housing. The Greater Victoria market has seen a an overall increase of 21.7 per cent in detached-house sales in December, 2015, compared to December, 2014, according to the Victoria Real Estate Board.

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Vancouver housing market fuelled by Chinese buyers

Kerry Gold, The Globe & Mail, Nov 2, 2015

A new study that puts data behind the widely held but difficult-to-prove assumption that off-shore money is driving Vancouver’s superheated housing market has concluded the vast majority of houses on the city’s affluent west side have been bought by new immigrants from China, many of whom don’t earn their living here.

The data were obtained by David Eby, the NDP MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey.

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Rising tide of Vancouver house prices lifting values throughout region

Kerry Gold, The Globe and Mail, Oct. 24, 2015

Picture a map of the Lower Mainland and a growing wave moving outward from Vancouver, and you will get a general sense of increasing house prices.

The $1-million line used to divide the east side of the city from the west, and then it crept all the way to Burnaby. Now, it’s moving like a rapidly rising tide,

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Equity generation’ squeezing retirees’ savings

Kerry Gold, Globe & Mail, July 17, 2015

Sarah and her husband had done everything right for retirement, squirrelling away savings, paying down the mortgage on their condo and not touching their line of credit.

However, when their daughter ran into financial trouble, they started paying her mortgage as well as other expenses. When their daughter got divorced, they stepped up the support, fearing that their young grandchildren would suffer.

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